Cookie Dough YYC

March 21, 2017

Most of my friends a ‘sugar-aholics’ like myself and one in particular is always on the look out for the newest and most delicious when it comes to sweet treats.

So it was no surprise that prior to my trip to NYC she had created a list of new places to check out; one of those places was called .

But thanks to Buzzfeed, this new venture serving artisial Cookie Dough had literally become the buzz of the city,  and like me every visitor must have been instructed to go there.

At minimum the line was 2 hours and after 2 attempts to wait it out, I failed in my task to sample any of their sweet offerings.

Back in Calgary, ashamed of my shortcomings, my sugar addicted friend came to my rescue with some exciting news.

Cookie Dough had come to Calgary

The creative gurus behind Family Squeeze (a unique and creative lemonade shop), Family Freeze (the best and most creative popsicals on the market) had concocted a new offering;

Cookie Dough YYC (Instagram @cookiedoughyyc)

Photo Credit @sansanjovs (Instagram)

And I was only to excited to dive in…
But then the voice of my mother popped in my head.

Keep your fingers out of that bowl, you can’t eat raw cookie dough, you’ll get sick

So first I decided to asked the professionals; Was it safe?
The answer:


Cookie Dough YYC uses specialty products like Heat Treated Flour and Pasteurized eggs which wards off all my mothers concern of samanilla.

That’s all I needed to hear!
It was time to scoop in to one of there constantly changing 5 flavour offerings.

  • Dark Chocolate Brownie
  • Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Gumdrop Oatmeal Cookie
  • Unicorn Sugar Cookie
  • Peanut Butter Cookie

And the Verdict:

Actually better then I ever thought it could be!

Their ‘Peanut Butter Cookie Dough‘ is not your average recipe. Cookie Dough YYC has taken their old school family recipes and kicked it up a notch by adding in extras like chocolate peanut butter cups and candy coated peanut butter pieces.

A PB Triple Attack!

During my visit at their solo location in Cross Iron Mills, I had the chance to sample all 5 of their flavors and was equally blown away by all of them!

And when I couldn’t finish my last bite, I took it home and baked it into an actual cookie!

So go, go now and cookie dough.

Mr. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!