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Spring Clean Your Beauty Cupboard – Face Products

March 20, 2017

You Spring Clean your house… It’s time to clean out that beauty cupboard! This week I’m featuring my favourite new Spring releases for that beautiful face of yours.

I think you should go through your beauty cupboards at least every six months, chucking out products you never use to make room for new, innovative, multitasking products… Like these:

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum ($98 for 60 capsules)

Like little golden beads filled with super powers, my skin can’t get enough of these serum-filled capsules. Simply twist off the end and squeeze the silky serum into the palm of your hands. Massage over clean, toned skin and marvel at how soft your skin will feel in the morning. New this February, you can find these wonder capsules at The Bay, Shoppers and London Drugs across Canada.

VICHY Idéalia Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care ($40)

The new Idéalia line from Vichy harmonizes antioxidant complexes from fermented black tea and blueberry extract with their iconic mineral thermal water. I normally love all Vichy products, and this line doesn’t disappoint. But the stand-out, must-have product is their night Peeling care. It eliminates dead skin cells, stimulates skin regeneration and activates natural glow. You apply it nightly to clean skin with a cotton pad (no rinsing required!) and wake up with baby soft skin. I have super sensitive skin, and this even works for me.

belif’s The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb ($47)

This line of products is described as ‘time trusted apothecary meets modern Korean skin care science’. Found at The Face Shop here in Canada and Sephora in the US, this moisturizing bomb cream is created to deliver intense hydration… Which is perfect for Spring as we start to emerge from our dens, in search of the sun. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and ready to party.

Eau Thermale Avène’s YsthéAL Intense Emulsion – ($55)

With a super confusing name, at first I honestly had zero clue what this product was for… But I saw the words ‘Anti-Aging’ at it had me at hello. Upon further research, I discovered this is an anti-aging concentrate… So think of it like a super-charged serum. It helps refine texture, restore radiance and most importantly… Smoothes wrinkles. This product is great for everyone in their mid to late thirties, or those who just underwent laser or peeling treatments as this helps prolong those procedures’ effects.

bliss’ Mask-a-Peel Radiance Revealing Rubberizing Mask – ($38)

Packed with Vitamin C, this mask is part science, part hilarity. Coming in three yogurt-sized containers, this mask starts like a dry powder until you add water. Mixing with the supplied spatula (you’ll feel like you’re back in science class), you then scoop and smooth this onto your face and neck. It’s super thick and gloopy but have patience! This has to sit for 20 minutes until it turns into a rubberized consistency. Your face feels heavy and you look hilarious… Until you peel it off revealing the softest skin. Perfect for a Girl’s Night in with accompanying Instagram photoshoots.

YEHWADAM Heaven Grade Ginseng Regnerating Toner ($62)

Stunning packaging and an extremely confident name, this product line from K-Beauty store, The Face Shop, is the real deal. Their Regenerating Toner is not like a normal toner – it looks and feels more like a serum, and that is how you use it – after cleaning, before moisturizing. Packed with ginseng, this toner leaves my skin feeling so soft and promises to ‘fill lifeless, sagging skin with elasticity’. Yes please!

Color Science’s Sunforgettable SPF 30 Brush On Sunscreen ($57)

Coming in five shades, this brush-on SPF is purse-ready and waterproof. Spring sun is a tricky frenemy…often making you forget to apply SPF. But this handy little pal can travel with you and looks great over make-up due to it’s sheer and natural-looking coverage.

We are excited to share more ‘Spring Cleaning’ products with you in the upcoming weeks. From the best new hair products to amazing new eye creams, Spring is the best time to freshen up your beauty routine.

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