Your First Look Inside Simons Calgary

March 14, 2017

It’s been a long 3 years since we heard the news that Simons was coming to Calgary, but it was worth that wait! All our fashion woes are about to be solved… Simons opens to the public Thursday morning (March 16th); but The FAB team was lucky enough to get a sneak peek tour!

The store is beautiful. Designed by Calgary Architecture Firm McKinley Burkart, Simons Calgary is in the historic Lancaster Building in Downtown Calgary as part of The CORE. The design team worked with the restrictive spaces and made this store feel incredible, the street facade tells the story: bringing edge to a place with history!

Egde is right! We were lucky enough be toured around by the Simons brothers who explained that the buyers and designers they work with are always trying to keep things interesting and fresh.

The brothers are the 5th generation at the helm of Simons, with over 100 designers in Quebec City that travel to fashion weeks around the world aiming to create and curate “a palette (to shop from) instead of proposed looks” in the store. This really came through for me – they value design and creativity; they want us to explore fashion and have fun.

The store is spread over 4 floors, and is full of incredible artwork – reinforcing their creative roots. Simons fosters relationships and collaborations with creative types across Canada; their Calgary store features a 3 storey work by Maya Gohill – one of our faves!

All I can say is: GO and explore – you may just find yourself buying underwear in the nook they refer to as “the Brief”, or a beautiful one-of-a-kind in “Edito”

Simons also has a home area – where was this during my 2 year throw pillow search?!

Overall, I can say that I am so excited that Simons is here; their enthusiasm and excitement to be in Calgary is evident and I mean: c’mon who doesn’t want to sleep in T-Rex sheets?

Happy Shopping!!

Fab Editor

  1. I have been to Simons at least four times now, love the store and the merchandise offered. So happy to have this store in Calgary downtown. Great addition to the shopping landscape in this city.

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