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Limited Edition to Curated Collection

March 11, 2017

Mere months ago, a limited edition eyeshadow palette came across my path. Beautiful earthy hues. But, due to the reality star name attached, I turned my nose up at it before I even gave it a real shot. Then I tested the formula – amazing. I’ll say it here and now: I made a mistake. Big. HUGE. It’s sold out & NEVER to be re-released again. WAH!

Luckily, Trade Secrets has allowed me a second chance at getting my hands on the beautiful eyeshadow shades with their gorgeous brand DECA.

DECA is a mineral based make-up, so the colour payout of their formula is STUNNING. With the mineral Mica as it’s primary ingredient, this places DECA in the top tier shelf of beauty brands for quality. {Pssst not everyone can wear the Talc filler commonly found in numerous other make-up products – reacting poorly? Read the ingredients list.} Honestly, DECA has an incredible formula that even circus aerialist Léda Davies counts on for her killer performances.

Full disclosure: recreating the famous sold-out hues was SO MUCH FUN, so merci beaucoup, Deca! Best part, I have numerous looks with this one curated palette. IE I could simply wear Moss SM-40 all on it’s own as a matte shade. Pretty! Without further ado, my curated version of Mr. Mario’s palette:

  • Hollywood: Golden Rose SM-27
  • NYC: Bronzing Powder Dark BP-42
  • Kim: Copper SM-61 with a touch of Peaches & Cream SM-67
  • Muse: Bronze Glow & Brick with a touch of Copper for simmer
  • Marina: Golden Brown SM-39
  • Claudia: Ebony SM-55 & Midnight Blue SM-178
  • Lula: Bronzing Powder Dark BP-42 & Peaches & Cream SM-67
  • Isabel: Blush Brick RM-25 with a touch of Peaches & Cream SM-67 (**matte shade of shimmery ‘Kim’**)
  • Violetta: Blush Bronze Glow RM-28 with touch of Bronzing Powder Dark BP-42 & Ebony SM-55 (FUN challenge to recreate this shade)
  • 5th Avenue: Beige Gold SM-69
  • Bronx: Moss SM-40 with touch of Beige Gold SM-69 for shimmer
  • Paris: Antique Gold SM-50

Merci to blogger, Sparklealilbrighterdarlin  for the swatch pic I used as a comparison.

If you’re like me and missed out on owning THEE eyeshadow palette, fret not as you can create your very own just like I did with DECA. Never be stressed with ‘Limited Editions’ again!

With free delivery, curating a self-made eyeshadow palette with Trade Secrets is the best beauty choice by far!

Mlle Fab DECA ‘Re-Mastered’ Palette


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