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Serum & Scrub: The Perfect Pair

March 9, 2017

To me, make-up is artistry. It’s painting the face to accentuate or to diminish angles & proportions. Like any great painter will tell you, one must start with a well prepared blank canvas.

This holds true for the face. If you have good skin, ANY make-up will look good – what up, editorial blush.
To help my skin look it’s best, I use Vivierskin Serum 10 paired with Vitamin C Scrub.

As I mentioned in a previous post, if the budget can allow for only one luxury item, Serum 10 is where to spend it. Why? It’s literally vitamins for the skin. It’s packed with Vitamin C which fights off free radicals in the skin – anti-aging.

The deets: topical application of vitamin C has been proven over time to decrease wrinkling, reduce protein fibre damage, increase collagen production and reduce roughness of skin. Anti-aging saviour!

Psst: there are numerous Vitamin C products on the market, but as the ascorbic acid is tricky to keep stable, meaning it has ZERO efficacy for the skin when unstable, it can be like tossing your hard earned dollah bills into the trash. Vitamin C should always be clear and stored in a dark bottle away from heat or light. As soon as the colour becomes yellow or orange: chuck it as it’ll do more damage than good for your skin.

Vivierskin has patented a formula which allows the anti-aging fighter (ascorbic acid: Vitamin C) to be absorbed by the skin with the highest pharmaceutical grade allowable. Bonjour, face nutrients! Vivierskin has serums in various strengths according to individual skin needs.

For me, I have been using Serum 10 for 4 years (Serum 12 for 2 years to kickstart my skin). Serum 10 is 10% Vitamin C. Eventually, I will increase the amount of Vitamin C in the serum as I age as generally, that’s simply what skin needs as it becomes more mature.

TIP: place 3-5 drops of the product on the back of your hand, then gently apply onto the face, neck & décolletage. * back of the hand does not absorb product as quickly as the palm – make that luxury product LAST. ** this also helps to fight aging of the hands – make them always guess your age.

Something I’ve been toying with – check back on my twitter feed (November-ish) – is adding in the Vitamin C Scrub to help my skin absorb as much of the Vitamin C in the Serum 10 as possible. I have zero scientific fact to back this up. BUT, I will share what I’ve experienced thus far:

Firstly, after I use the Vitamin C Scrub, my face glows from sloughing away dead skin cells (hyaluronic acid & microbeads) as well as improving circulation from gently massaging the product into my face for a good 2 min. Secondly, I get that great tingle when I place on the serum (after toning), which to me is my skin drinking in the Vitamin C of the Serum 10. Makes sense that my skin can drink it up easier after removing the outer dead skin, oui? Pssst: I use the Vitamin C scrub on days I don’t use any retinol.

Perhaps I’m banana bongos, but this partnership of the Serum 10 with the Vitamin C Scrub is my jam. At the end of the day, my skin has been clear no matter how much make-up I have to put on for work.

Try it for yourself and please let me know if my non-scientific experiment works for you. Move over Ben Nyes, welcome the Vivierskin Science Gals/Guys!

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