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All Day Breakfast-ing with McDonald’s Canada 

February 21, 2017

Hands down my favourite meal of the day is breakfast. But with so many late night events, making it anywhere on time for breakfast is practically impossible.

Until now!

Today, February 21st, McDonald’s Canada introduces All-Day-Breakfast!

Egg McMuffins, Bacon ‘n Egg McMuffins, Sausage ‘n Egg McMuffins, Sausage McMuffins, Hashbrowns, AND golden-brown melt in your mouth Hotcakes!

All the delicious things that dance around in my dreams are now available for me anytime of day!

Finally I can sleep until noon and still enjoy a breakfast in bed buffet at 2pm!

… And that’s not the only game changer!

No longer will I be waiting in line for a late night slice of pizza; McDonald’s will be cracking those large Canadian Grade A eggs, topping them with bacon and a slice of tasty processed cheddar cheese, all nestled between a toasted English muffin as my go-to late night treat!

Finally my Breakfast-All-Day dreams have come true!

Thanks for letting me get my beauty sleep and my favourite meal of the day when I wake up McDonald’s Canada!

See you… whenever! 

Mr. Fab reakfast all day

Looking forward to reading your comments!