Luxury Living is Versus Living

February 7, 2017

When I was 18 I moved out of my family home and became a renter for the first time.

Renting in the 90’s in Regina, Saskatchewan was a glamourous time. Creepy basement suites and old low rise wood fire hazards all equipped with out-dated appliances best suited for natural history museums.

Wow have things changed for renters in 2017.

This week, I was invited to check out Calgary’s newest and hands down most luxurious high rise rental, Versus.

Located in the heart of the city’s bustling Beltline, Versus contains 444 units with 25 unique suite options, each surrounded by spectacular views, shops, services and every amenity you’ll need to live happy everyday.

But Versus isn’t ‘apartment living’, rather, it’s a luxurious urban experience.

Inside your suite you’ll find 9 and 10 foot ceilings, expansive windows, polished quartz counter tops and high end appliances you thought you’d never be able to enjoy as a ‘renter’.

And outside of your personal space you’ll have access to number of stunning shared spaces throughout the building

There’s a pool table and shuffleboard for those who like the games, or endless cozy areas to curl up on for Bachelor viewing parties with friends.

Need to get your sweat on?

Versus’ 3rd floor gym is better equipped than the gym I go to and this one is sans the high ticket membership; it’s just part of your Versus living.

And the amenities don’t end there.

There’s a place to yoga with an attached zen garden to chill, a full sized chefs kitchen where you can dazzle friends with your culinary expertise, and a there’s even a boardroom in case you run an at home business and need to meet with clients.

Then there’s my personal favourite Versus perk.

A on-site concierge who can help you with daily life and sign for your packages when your away!

No more missed deliveries or rush hour drives to airport depots to pick up parcels, you’ll be using that saved time continuing to enjoy your new home.

From inside to out, Versus is the complete luxury living combo. It’s so completely amazing, you almost have to see it to believe it.

So if you’re looking to rent and want the best (we all deserve it), take a look at Versus, you’ll be swooningly happy you did!

Mr. Fab urban living.

Looking forward to reading your comments!