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The Majestic World of Odysseo

February 2, 2017

Through all my travels I have been lucky enough to have seen hundreds of Broadway Shows, spectacular touring performances, and unique productions of all kinds; but ODYSSEO is the one that has left me as breathless as if I were to have fallen off a set of monkey-bars!

The show is so jaw-dropping brilliant, it’s hard to put into words the feeling or emotions you experience after seeing it.

I first attended the Odysseo when it premiered in Canada in 2012 and joined them again in 2013 when it made its way to Calgary.

Now, with their return to Vancouver, it was once again time to ecstatically join the 65 horses, 45 artists and hundreds of behind the scenes talent during their opening week!

And although I’ve waiting 3 years since my last encounter to join my horse friends again, I unselfishly decided to send our FAB team members who live in Vancouver to see the show so I could find out if they were as ‘in-love’ with Odysseo as I was.

Here’s what they had to say!


“The multi sensory experience was nothing short of magical, I will be gushing about this show to anyone who will listen! The gigantic white top is dazzling in itself; 5 gigantic tents all strung with lights can be seen from all over downtown Vancouver. The majestic feel carries into the tents which are lit with whimsical lights, strung with vines.

During the show we were in absolute awe of the relationship the performers had with the horses, it was so gentle and loving.

The trainers had such incredible control of such a huge number of animals, yet it looked effortless regardless of the tempo. I didn’t even realize until a quarter of the way through that the beautifully and perfectly timed music, which was setting the pace of the show, was actually being performed live; It just made me love the entire experience even more!

After watching acrobats dance in the air on ribbons, while horses ran below them, I didn’t think the show could get much better, until the stage began to fill with water and a single horse danced in ways I didn’t even know an animal could move.  The lighting and the backdrop were just so exceptional, there isn’t even one thing I could suggest to make the show better.”



“Starting with a walk down a red carpet, Cavalia’s Odysseo was a tremendous opportunity to escape the blasé overcast Vancouver winter weather for an evening chock-filled with beauty and wonder. Beginning with a glass of bubbly (care of Everything Wine) and a incredible Mediterranean-inspired buffet, we had the opportunity to bump elbows with a group of VIPs in the Rendez-Vous tent. Everybody from Jacob Tremblay to my favourite CTV sportscaster Jason Pires was there! 

The artistic director, Normand Latourelle, even took the time to wander the room, mingle and answer everyone’s questions. 

Then, after a few more glasses of champagne, the crowd filed into the big top tent and all found our seats; The show began.

The stage lit and the horses of Odysseo, free of trainers or acrobats, began frolicking through a fine mesh curtain. As the lights rose, the live band swelled, and the stage filled with the extremely talented cast, both equine and human.

My jaw was dropped, I’d never seen such a beautiful opening.

From there, the show was one amazing scene after another.

As a first timer to Odysseo, or for that matter any large-scale acrobatic event, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. People always talk about shows like this, and now I understand why. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so completely entertained.

Our night with Odysseo was a total experience.  From the red carpet to the stable tour, music, horses, acrobats and the champagne, it was impossible not to love every moment!”

And with that said, I knew they had loved it as much as I had!

On behalf of the FAB team; Welcome back to Canada Odysseo, you simply are the best show on earth!

Mr. Fab sseo!

Odysseo is currently performing in Vancouver BC and will run until March 5th. Get your tickets HERE, they are almost sold out!

Looking forward to reading your comments!