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Get Red Carpet KISSed

February 1, 2017

With the Academy Awards around the corner, it’s time to get my glam on for the pretend red carpet in my home. Why not?! That said, I don’t have 4 hours to donate to spending in a salon chair. WAH!

Luckily, KISS knows that many people, like myself, are in a time crunch so they’ve come up with some pretty & quick beauty savers for 2017.

First off, this imPRESS gel matte navy manicure is giving me life. So elegant. Best part is all I have to do is choose the proper size for my nail bed, peel off the back and pop them on.

These babies last just over a week for me, but it should be known that I’m rough with my hands. Like a 4yr old male toddler with a new tonka truck, rough!

Not long ago, the beautiful celebrity manicurist, Gina Edwards, was in Montréal & gave a great tip. If a manicure is growing out, glide on one of the Jewel Accents near the cuticle and it will look like a ‘Dazzling Moon Manicure’. Clever!

Next up, LASHES. Who doesn’t love fluttery wisps akin to a Japanimation character? KISS has developed a new line of couture lashes: Faux MINK Collection.

A lash style created to fit one’s every possible mood.
Plus, the lashes are well made = durable. You could absolutely rewear if you wanted – hand to heart, I have.

My personal fav is Pitch as it’s super natural on my eye (none avail to photograph, apologies). BUT, I was delightfully surprised after trying other lashes on as they look WAY DIFFERENT once on the eye. It’s crazy. I thought I’d look like Tammy Baker on ‘roids with Little Black Dress, but the result was actually delicately pretty. Please try and let me know if you come to the same conclusion – it’ll be our little beauty experiment!

All products launching across Canada between the end of January and the beginning of February. Join me and rock that home Oscar party with help from KISS products!

Mlle Fab Nails n’ Lashes


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