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Toronto Light Fest

January 30, 2017

When I lived in Amsterdam, a winter highlight was the Amsterdam Light Festival. Incredible light installations across the city, reflecting on the canals, creating art and conversation during those few drab weeks of mid-winter. My favourite installation was this giant net hung over the Amstel River, as the colours of the lights changed, it appeared to slowly morph.

Taking inspiration from this event, Toronto has launched their first Toronto Light Fest at the historical Distillery District.

From the team behind the overly successful Toronto Christmas Market, this completely free festival is running now until March 12, 2017. There are 21 installations spaced around the Distillery, like this one:

Some of the installations are interactive but I found all to be very approachable – like a friendly, and slightly chilly, open-air gallery.

I love this festival is giving back. Spaced amongst the installations are places to donate and purchase items, like these lovelocks, where proceeds go directly to the historic Yonge Street Mission.

Winter can be dreary, but now these short days are illuminated with a trip to the Toronto Light Fest.

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