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La Grande Tournée du Chocolat Chaud Sneak Peek

January 20, 2017

What’s better than warm chocolate? Um. Nothing!

Valrhona along with La Tablée des Chefs will please your tastebuds with La Grande Tournée du Chocolat Chaud. 9 days of the chocolate mainstay with a twist.

15 different creations all made with delicious Valrhona chocolate can be sampled all across Montréal as well as 7 delicious versions in Québec from Jan 21 – 29.

  • Au Festin de Babette
  • Automne Boulangerie
  • Butterblume
  • Café Prague
  • Cremy Patisserie
  • Fous Desserts
  • Geneviève Grandbois
  • La Fabrique Arhoma
  • Le Pain Dans Les Voiles
  • Les Chocolats de Chloé
  • Libertine Bakehouse
  • Mama Choka
  • Patrice Pâtissier
  • Peccadille
  • Talie Chocolat
  • Bistro Le Sam
  • Chez Boulay – Comptoir Boréal
  • Erico Chocolatier
  • Gael Vidricaire
  • Le Truffé
  • Patisserie à l’Européenne
  • Picardie Délices et Boulangerie

I’m still vibrating from all the chocolatey goodness.
Though tough, here are my top picks:

Chocolat Chaud au Malt. Libertine Bakehouse

The mixture of the 70% Guanaja, 46% Jivara, malt and brulléed custom made vanilla marshmallows was YUM. This was my number one pick for the evening because it wasn’t too sweet due to the malt and the marshmallows just put it over the top. BOOM.

Passionement Choco. La Fabrique Arhoma

The tanginess of the passionfruit with the tarragon caramel, 70% Andoa and 40% Jivara was a truly surprising delicious delight. This was also my date’s fav of the evening.

Creation Gourmande. Les Chocolats de Chloé

Talk about gourmet. 33% Opalys white chocolate married with matcha green tea and lime. Sophisticated & So Good.

Chocolat Andoa Chaud, Mousse au Melilot. Patrice Patissier

Rich 70% Andoa paired with the creamy clover infused mousse was flavour heaven.

Café Prague

Their hot choc name nor their recipe ingredients were listed, but I can tell you that this was a delicious reminder of a fall day. I tasted flavours of cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg and chocolate blended together beautifully in this classic hot chocolate.

Lait aux Amandes, Chocolat Ivoire et Zeste d’Orange. Butterblume.

This elegant concoction was the first delicacy I tasted and it set the bar high. Scrumptious. Perfect for a tea with your favorite princess.

Each hot chocolate is 4$. The best part: 0.50$ of each sale goes back to La Tablée des Chefs, which is in initiative to teach proper nutrition to kids. AND, for the same purchase, Valrhona will also give 50g of chocolate to La Tablée des Chefs towards social initiatives. One sweet deal indeed!
Might I suggest a chocolat chaud café crawl?

Savour a delightful chocolatey creation and then run to the next spot. Well worth the delicious calories. And the upside, everyone of all ages can partake in the fun!

Mlle Fab


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