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Life as a Stock Model

January 16, 2017

Growing up, I’d spend my afternoons paging though the Sears catalogue, practice the poses of the glossy paged models. Dreaming, that one day, I’d too would become a one.

Then, a few decades later,after seeing a posting from a companies casting searching for ‘Stock-Models’, I was finally chosen to have my turn.

Late last year, I once again joined my favourites team of photographers and directors at Hero Images for a Fall shoot creative.

It was an amazingly beautiful afternoon shooting with a bunch of great people.

I always like to share these moments so that young dreamers, like I was, know that their moment will come too. 

It’s sometimes impossible to know where your life will take you, but you can be sure that you’ll meet some great people along the way.

Unexpected ones like my friends at Hero Images that become some of your biggest cheerleaders! 

Mr. Fab stock model

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