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January 7, 2017

Watched my Segment this morning on Global Calgary and looking to win one of the items I spoke about? Just comment below, telling me which item you’d like to win most and I’ll choose winners at random over in the next 24 hours! Thanks for watching!

I typically don’t make New Years Resolutions, but this year,  I’ve seem to have made them all.
From eating better (and less), to firming up my dumplins’, I’ve got a lot of goals.

And to help me stay on track, I’ll be mixing it up with the help of several different products & services.

Here are a few of my new found friends that may help you meet your goals too.

Group Fitness:

Row 17

Legs, Core, Arms – Arm, Core, Legs… its that simple! I’ve been rowing to the music with Row 17th for the last few months and I’ve definitely noticed a change to my Jello-y thighs!

Rumble Boxing Studio

Just call me Rocky! With the lights set low this fitness class has been pumping up my upper body while the sweat has been stinging my eyes.

Both group fitness classes have a variety of instructors that will help keep you motivated and with class times throughout the day you’ll easily be able to find to keep fit!

Want to workout alone?

There are tons of new to market products to keep you moving. Something I’ve been travelling with lately is this Tangram Jump Rope I picked up at the new Telus Connected Experience Concept Store.

23 embedded LED’s display your jump data mid air as you exercise. Swing your calories, jumps and time will keep you motivated to keep moving. And it connects to an app on your smart device so you can track your ongoing results and even compete against friends!

Smart Eats


A new weekly subscription service focused on delivering healthy, well-balanced and nutritious, ready to prepare gourmet meals directly to your doorstep.

Meals are simple to prepare, taking under 30 minutes to make, and full of exciting flavours to help break your mealtime routine.

Have NO time to cook?

Try Made Foods healthy, convenient meal service.

Stop into one of their locations and choose from a large selection of pre-made, pre-portioned meal offerings.

From Southwest Breakfast Hash to Roast Beef Dinner, there are delicious choices to keep you well nourished throughout the day.

Made Foods also has a Certified Holistic Nutritionist Consultant on staff that can help design a longer term meal service to meet your needs.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is my key to great skin, but sucking back gallons of regular water to get there is not my route to success. Instead I fizz it up with SodaStream Power.

With the touch of a button I can easily add Some excitement to your water without addition of unhealthy ingredients. After I make it sparkling, I toss in some healthy alternatives to flavor it up.

Whether it’s with Cucumber & Mint or Grapefruit & Rosemary, there are endless combinations to enhance boring tap water without any artificial sweeteners or added sodium.

Curb Your Craving

Lastly, I know vices…. trust me, chocolate cake and I are like two pear in a pod, so if you’re a smoker who’s looking to quite I can only image it’s going to be tough.

My friend Erin, who’s been smoke free for the last 2.5 years did it with the help of Life Brand Nicotine Gum

Not only were there many health reasons to give it up, but she also wanted to rid some visible signs. Yellowing teeth, fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and a dull complexion.

Of course there are many different options available, this is just the one that worked for her. That said, you might want to hit up a Shoppers Drugmart and chat with a pharmacist to find out what’s right for you.

And while you’re there, ask them if they’ve got a gum to curb my insatiable craving for cakes.

This year, I’m in it to win it and I think I’ve got some great help.

Good luck with your resolutions!

We’ve got this! 

Mr. Fab in 2017


  1. who doesn’t looove a sodastream? That is a perfect way to stay hydrated and not feel like a boring ol routine!

  2. Would love to be able to try the Hello Fresh or Made Foods for my family – seems so nutritious and would make a working moms life so much easier

  3. Would LOVE to win the jumprope! It looks ideal to take “on the road” with me and use in my hotel room…..very versatile for someone who travels alot! (Great segment, btw!)

  4. Have to get off the colas and pops. That SodaStream looks like it is the right choice; still get my bubbles, just no sugar and other bad things.

  5. I would love to try Rumble Boxing! I just had a baby and would love a new, fun way to get back into shape. I need some major motivation and this would be the perfect spot for it!

  6. Awesome segment on Global! I haven’t been to Rumble on 17th yet but would love to check it out – I agree with the fact that group classes are the way to go!!

  7. I’d love to win the 10 pass for Row 17 for my husband – he’s a former rower and has been wanting to try the new Row 17 gym!

  8. Would love a sodastream! My husband loves to drink carbonated drinks and usually goes for pop so this would be a great way to get our fizzy kick while keeping it healthy!

  9. I would love the skipping rope. The whole family could get some use out of it, including the kids. Alternatively, the rumble membership would be a great date night out for mom and dad! THANK YOU!!!

  10. Great Segment! I liked all the products but I would really love to try Hello Fresh. It would really save time to make an amazing dinner.

  11. My daughter and I would both love to play with the Tangram Jump Rope! She loves to jump rope and I can use all the motivation I can get 😉

  12. Always enjoy watching you on Global, you have great suggestions. Would love the SodaStream, I’m not good about drinking enough water so this would definitely help. Thanks!

  13. Would love to change up my workout routine. One of the groups fitness passes would be wonderful!

  14. Loved your session on the morning news today! Great tips and reminders to us to keep moving and to ensure healthy items are going into your body.

    I would LOVE a Sodastream! The ideas you gave today are GREAT and would definitely increase my water intake and help me to ensure I am adequately hydrated. I also want to track down the Tangram Jump Rope as it sounds like it would be a fun item to use.

    Stay FABULOUS!

  15. Group fitness is one of my favorite ways to stay motivated with my fitness goals. Would really love to try out Rumble Boxing!! Great segment on Global – thanks for sharing your ideas.

  16. Would love to give my daughter (new mom!) a nutritious break to get make her somewhat sleep deprived life easier!

  17. Would love a Tangram Jump Rope to help with “budget style” healthy lifestyle changes.

  18. Our family would love the jump rope or better yet, healthy meals for running between hockey and basketball practice!

  19. I would love to try the Hello Fresh service. I enjoy cooking, it would be great to try some new recipes, with all the required ingredients right there!

  20. I would love any item except the stop smoking as I don’t smoke. I really need help with Everything else. I especially like the soda machine.

  21. I would love the soda stream hydration is so important being in menopause i find I even more the soda stream would make water exciting again🌹 Alternatively I love rowing and throw a few fitness punches Row 17 or The Rumble pass would also help my goals of overall health, mind body and soul.
    Thank you

  22. Made Foods would be fantastic! Single servings even better! Nice to see a Calgary business catering to healthy eating. Organic/supporting local and BC farmers. So many times in Calgary you see new business’s opening and “healthy” is not exactly on their agenda. Quick/convenient with the cheapest ingredients and at times incorporating not “real food”. Thank you Made Foods for caring and offering healthy meals.

  23. The Soda Stream!!! I would LOVE the soda stream! Who doesn’t love carbonated flavoured water!

  24. Since I don’t live in Calgary, and I’m from Brooks Alberta, I can’t make the rumble boxing class, which I would love, did I say love!! ❤ I think the skipping rope to keep me on track along with soda stream. I really enjoyed your segment on global news! Thanks for the great products you highlighted today! Happy 2017 mr. Fab

  25. I would love the jump rope! Anything to make a quick workout at home fun! Love the tech side of this thing too; measurable results are very motivating. Loved your Global segment! Very informative ☺

  26. So many great products!! Proud to stay I’ve quit smoking for 2 months now, but trying to hold back the weight gain as a result. Would love to try a new class at Rumble Boxing!! Thanks Mr Fabulous!

  27. I loved your segment on Global News just now! I’ve signed up to follow you as a result! I loved all the products you showcased, but the Row17 and the Soda Stream really intrigued me. This is my year to undo the damage and get off the couch, and like Bindu, I have to force myself to drink water. Either of these would help get the year off to a great start.

  28. Loved your segment on Global this morning! You motivated me off the couch to look at your blog – I’m hooked. thanks for doing the leg work on how to keep my 2017 resolutions. The smart rope would be an amazing prize.

  29. Thank you for telling me about Row17. Would really be interest in win the opportunity to attend one of these sessions

  30. Susan

    I would love to have the Soda Power Stream as I am trying to drink more water and would help my daughter also who doesn’t drink water at all.

  31. Just watched you on Global News.!!. Heading out for a light run, the skipping rope is a perfect alternative for days like today. Meals, my wife and I alternate cooking Made Foods! a great surprise and alternative to the same old same burnt cooking I provide!

    Great show, all the best Kevin

  32. Tangram Jump Rope – what a great piece of equipment!! I have been a user of the soda stream for a couple of years now and it’s absolutely amazing! Great segment on Global Television this morning immrFabulous!

  33. I would love to try the rowing classes……need to get rid of my jiggly thighs! Thanks for your global weekend segments. Always learning something from you!!

  34. Great interview this morning on global. With it being number 35 on the Participaction 150 list, I would definitely like to win the jump rope.

  35. Food from Made Foods would be great as there isn’t always enough time to prepare lunches to go. And I love sparkling water so Soda Stream would be great.

  36. Hello! I’ve been following a very strict auto-immune paleo diet for the past three years, and all I can drink is water and green tea (I sure do miss wine…). I would absolutely love to ‘fizz’ things up with a Soda Stream!

  37. Not ready for the gym yet…but the Hello Fresh food box sounds amazing.
    I became a vegetarian in October and need ideas for meals that are yummy – and aren’t just salad. 😊😊😊👍👍👍

  38. I would love the made foods or the skipping rope. Being a senior it is always difficult to prepare nutritional meals for one. The skipping rope is something I could use when I am up to it.
    Loved your presentation on Global this morning.

  39. I should say the skipping rope but I would love the Made Foods or Hello Fresh items. Both would be extremely helpful in my eating healthier resolution. Having a food blog is not so good for my figure.

  40. Thank you for the great overall info on health and available local resources! The Soda Stream would be an excellent addition to help promote drinking more water and loving it. Thanks again.

  41. Nom nom, the Made meals would be the best for me right now! Even if the Holidays are over, I still eat sweets without moderation, and I am lacking inspiration to cook. I could also use a few boxing sessions or a soda stream for sure! I am new to Calgary and still in search of the activity that will make me sweat.

  42. Great segment this morning.
    I totally agree with you.
    Flavoured, carbonated water would be a great way to incorporate more water into your diet.
    Good luck to everyone with their New Year’s Resolutions!

  43. Hi Mr Fab, loved your segment this morning….as always. Please help me get into shape using the exercise that brings me back to childhood. I would LOVE to lose those pounds using that Tangram Smart Rope.

  44. Awesome segment, you were fantastic!! 😄 Would love to try the HelloFresh subscription; my weakness is always going grocery shopping when I’m hungry and making not the best choices, haha. Fingers crossed! 🥙💕

  45. Loved seeing you on Global this morning. I just started following your Facebook and Instagram page and look forward to seeing more of your thoughts and ideas. I’d love to win the Tangram Jump Rope and challenge you a jump off! 🙂

  46. I loved learning about all the new gadgets and services out there for a healthy lifestyle. I would like the Rumble boxing passes to get me out of my comfort zone.

  47. I wanna try the rowing class for sure. I keep walking past it and always wondered about it… better stop wondering and do it!
    I also keep seeing ads for the hello fresh boxes, might be a great thing for a flight aartendant?

  48. Saw you on the News this morning, thanks for all the great tips! I’d especially like to try the Rumble Boxing or the Soda Stream.

  49. Oh I would love the Soda stream, been wanting one for a long time.

    Thanks for the chance and good luck with your resolutions.

  50. I’ve wanted a SodaStream for ages, and the Power model looks like the perfect solution! It’s amazing how much of a difference good hydration can make to your health!

  51. My husband would like the soda stream but I like the meal idea – I never know what to make anymore for two teen aged kids especially when one is super super picky!

  52. Thanks for being fabulous!! They all look awesome and I’m definitely going to check out the fitness studios, they look awesome. I’d love to try Hello Fresh, I’ve looked at it a few times but haven’t ordered yet.

  53. Soda stream! While at Evoolution (Oil & Vinegar store) they recommended adding some of the vinegars to your soda stream to make some delicious drinks!!

  54. hahahaha @ firm up my dumplings! love that. I am obsessed with sparkling water so I would love to win the sodastream!

Looking forward to reading your comments!