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The FAB 16 of 2016

January 1, 2017

There is not a single day that passes where I don’t stop and think how lucky I am.

Thanks to my amazing and loyal readers, friends and fans on social media and an amazing team of writers (M Fab & Mlle Fab), photographers and editors (Rob, Sherona, Misty and any 3 year old who knows how to work a camera), I have been gifted some pretty amazing opportunities!

Looking back on the past 365 wonderful days of 2016, I’ve had hundreds of moments that I’ll never forget.

Here are my top 16 of 2016!

#1. Being invited inside the Coors Lite Mystery Mansion

#2. Working on the set of the Oscar winning film, The Revenant

#3. Eating blindfolded in support of the Alberta Guide Dogs Services, Love is Blind event.

#4. Attending the JCrew F/W 2016 Presentation in NYC

#5. Sharing great segments on Breakfast Television numerous times throughout the year.

#6. Finding the best nail clippers on the market and causing a stir when I posted a photo of nail clipping.

#7. Attempting to become a YouTuber with a Make-Up Tutorial.

#8. Getting an early start to holidays and celebrating Christmas in November at Jasper Park Lodge.

This was the BEST ‘bang for the buck’ and most fun event of the year!

#9. My appearances on CTV Morning Live and specifically my Mothers Day segment where I shared ideas based on Twitter responses from Moms!

#10. My appearances on GlobalWeekend and this segment where I proudly shared Unique Wearables Made in Canada.

#11. Getting the first look at a new product from Rocky Mountain Soap Company and product testing it with my Niece.

#12. Winning a FIasco Gelato PRIDE flavor contest and having my original flavor ‘Leather Daddy’ produced and sold during Pride Week.

Such a proud moment!

#13. Spending 5 minutes, having girl talk, with famed Super Model Coco Rocha!

#14. Having the opportunity to visit London to debut the new GQ for GAP capsule collection to my readers.

#15. Attending the Scotch & Soda SS2017 Presentation during NYFW!

The show completely took my breath away!

And lastly, #16.

Attending the GAP #DoYou event in NYC where I finally met the Beckerman Sisters!

2016 was better then I could have ever wished for in my wildest dreams and I can’t wait for more fun adventures in 2017!

Thanks for reading and for being a part of the FAB Family!

Mr. Fab 16

Looking forward to reading your comments!