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The Chefs Plate: A Holiday Life Saver

December 19, 2016

Let’s play a word association game.

I ‘say’ a word and you say the first word that comes into your mind.





For me when I hear these words, I immediately think of the words:




Because the holiday season can be more stressful than festive, I wanted to ensure this season I had plenty of me-time where I could reflect, be thankful and get everything on my list accomplished.

I find grocery shopping an ordeal.

I usually go in hungry and unprepared, leaving with a basket filled with random items. The lineups this time of year are extra long and time spent lining up can be spent wrapping presents or having friends around for some festive cheer. So I wanted to cut this out. No more failed meal planning, no more hours spent battling the holiday shoppers at my local grocery.

This year thanks to my pals at SodaStream, I discovered The Chef’s Plate.

A meal delivery service that lets you choose from innovative, fresh, locally sourced recipes each week. Arriving at my door in a refrigerated box, each recipe is packed and organized with everything you’ll need accompanied by an easy-to-follow recipe card.  The Chefs Plate and SodaStream have similar M.O’s…elevate your life through simple and healthy steps. From hydration to balanced eating, I can’t recommend these brands enough.

Now, here is a peek at the meals!

A crispy fish taco, before and after. My SodaStream water was amped up by a squirt of fresh lime juice for a little extra zing:


A herb-encrusted pork tenderloin with roast veggies and apple almond salad. I love how with the SodaStream ‘Power’ you have three choices for carbonation levels, so I made my water extra bubbly to fool myself into thinking I was sipping on sparkling wine…something I normally like to pair with pork.

The best part? No more waste! I’ve stopped buying a bunch of random items that sit unused in the fridge.  Another bonus is I have so much more time! No grocery shopping, no line-ups, no time spent driving to and from the store.

The Chefs Plate is currently delivers to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba…but is expanding quickly! And this year you can buy Chefs Plate gift cards.

The lux SodaStream ‘Power’ is available at retailers like Canadian Tire, Sears, The Bay and Home Outfitters.  Their new, more economical ‘Fizzi’ machine will be available in January.

With so much time saved this season, I am feeling healthier, more organized and way less stressed…now holiday word association games sound much more positive!

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