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Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

December 15, 2016

‘Tis the season for delicious snacks & sips, with everything in excess.

With new-to-market products and classics I just can’t seem to get enough of, these are my 4 must-gift, must-indulge items for the holiday season!

Last Great Malts of Scotland CRAIGELLACHIE 13

Scotch Whiskies are IN! This top shelf whisky is now available for the first time in over 120 years and it’s still made the old fashioned way. Using a rare production method in where ‘worm tubs’ are used to cool the vapour down and condense the spirit back into liquid form. This process results in the whisky having less copper contact during production; which creates a uniquely strong, meaty flavour.

To the nose: it’s a sweet & fruity clove-studded apple punch being sipped around a flamey bonfire. On the palette: hefty, full flavoured with a smokey finish.

With its sweet but sulphury notes and lingering smoke, it’s a challenging whisky for the adventurous drinker – but in an unexpected and intriguing way!

If you’ve cracked peaty malts, this whisky is for you.

Food Trip To…

A new and creative subscription box that brings the delight of travel and food to your doorstep every month.

This Montreal-based company is taking Canadians on a culinary adventure around the world with their subscription culture boxes. Each box arrives with a surprise destination theme filled with culinary and cultural discoveries for gourmands who love adventure.

Every month, Food Trip To… introduces members to a surprise destination using an experiential box that includes:

4 recipe cards – from cocktails to dessert
6 traditional products selected by a team of gourmet travelers
2 cultural cards about the country
1 musical playlist
1 small surprise brought back from our team’s journey
and more contents to introduce you to the country à la Food Trip To… (articles, photos, videos)

Nespresso Limited Edition Festive Capsules


I’ve been the happy owner of the Nespresso Lattissima for the last two years and consistently impressed the quality of the machine and with their limited edition Originalline capsules they release throughout the year.

And during the holidays they’re always the most exciting!

This season Nespresso’s 3 festive capsules are:

Variations Sachertorte
Flavour: A glazed chocolate cake with a thin layer of sweet apricot jam.

Variations Apferlstrudel
Flavour: Inspired by the classic layered puff pastry dessert, which contains a sweet apple filling delicately spiced with cinnamon.

Variations Linzer Torte
Flavour: An homage to the popular Austrian red fruit tart topped which has  a recognizable lattice design.

I’ve tried them all and I am absolutely in love with their subtle and sophisticated flavour profiles. Apferlstrudel and I will be spending Christmas morning together!

Reese Big Cup Stuffed with Pieces


(an M Fab pick)

I am an 80’s kid at heart and I love the movie E.T.

When I saw his long extra terrestrial fingers grabbing for those brown, yellow and orange candies as a child, I knew they’d become my favourite too.

Now, to this day, I won’t go on a road trip without Reese’s Pieces and when I’m around kids on Halloween I’m digging through their bag looking for them faster than you can say ‘E.T phone home’.

Take my favourite candy and mix it with Mr. Fab’s favourite: Reese Peanut Butter Cup, and you’ve got this ultimate FAB family pleaser!

Crunchy, sweet and a total 80s nostalgia trip, all wrapped into one bite. E.T would totally return to Earth for these.

So whether your host gifting or keeping it all to yourself, these are the consumables that are worth every penny and every calorie!

Mr. Fab tasty 4!

Looking forward to reading your comments!