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Kendall Jenner’s Makeup Artist Dishes on Hot Holiday Looks

December 7, 2016

Victor Henao is a top celebrity make-up artist, creating stunning red carpet and editorial looks for faces like Eva Longoria, Joan Smalls and Estée Lauder cover girl, Kendall Jenner.

*Image from @victorhenao on Instagram

Victor is authentic and charming, a passionate artist who was happy to share his top tips for women this holiday season and beyond.
Recently our M Fab sat down (well, stood up) with Victor to tap into his top tips and favourite products:

M.Fab: What is your top tip for transforming a daytime look to a holiday-party ready look?

Victor: Black Eyeliner. I don’t think enough women understand the power behind a black eyeliner. It can take a woman from natural to smoky and sexy.

M.Fab: Which Estee Lauder black eyeliner would you recommend women use?

Victor: The only liner I keep in my kit is the Onyx Double Wear Stay in Place Eye Pencil. It’s my favourite thing in the world.

M. Fab: Let’s talk about brows. The bold brow has been on-trend for a while now; do you think it will continue to stay?

Victor: Yes. I think it will transform and I think it will transition into something different. So it won’t necessarily be a bold brow, I see it being very bushy, so almost like ‘boy-like’, or something along the lines of groomed yet ungroomed.

M. Fab: What is your favourite red lip? Do you prefer reds that are blue-based or orange-based for this season?

Victor: I’m big into orange-based reds, I think it’s the Latin in me. I like things to look warmer rather than cooler. I definitely think there is a time and a place for the blue-red-based colour, but it reminds me of a very ‘period’ makeup. So when I see a blue-red, I think of a time. When I think of an orange, warm-based red, it makes me feel happy. I want things to look warmer, I want things to look more modern and I have this idea that women look sexier in warm colours and that women look prettier in cool colours. So a man in women’s world, I want women to look sexy all the time, and warm speaks that language.

M. Fab: Which reds from the Estee Lauder line fits this bill?

VictorCarnal , Envious, Lethal Red Liquid Lip potion. These are all warmer based reds.

M. Fab: For the holiday season, do you think women can gloss these up and still look on-trend?

Victor: I think the holidays are the one time, holidays and special occasions, where you can be whoever you want to be. Holidays are that period you can be whoever you want to be, so if you want to gloss it up, gloss it up, if you want to matte it down, matte it done. We only see this one time per year; we have eleven more months before it happens again.

Hope you enjoy these tips from the pro!

M. Fab for the holidays

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