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Christmas Love for the Foodie

December 5, 2016

Tis the season for baking! There is nothing that makes me happier during the holidays than to put on music, an apron and whip up family favourites.

Being Ukranian/Scottish, when I’m in the kitchen I bake enough for a small army. Seeing as my family lives on the other side of Canada, I need a way to ship without the goodies going bad.

Luckily, Hamilton Beach NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer has rescued my holiday goodies!
Besides the 5 year warranty, my favourite part is how easy NutriFresh is to use. Literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.Put food in an appropriate sized bag.

2.Align bag to NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer.

3.Hold closed and Press Vacuum & Seal button.



The NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer comes with 10 different sized bags plus 2 rolls where you can choose your own dimensions. Then, simply seal one side with the Seal Only button followed by proceeding as normal.

The best part is that there are so many options depending the food type. Worried about the delicacy of your tart? Use the Vacuum Only button. Extra moist fruit cake? Choose the Extended Seal.
Though I am focusing primarily on baking, the NutriFresh Vacuum Sealer is perfect for any kind of food. Frozen Salsa de Pomodoro? Works like a charm. Wild bison from your bro-in-law? Perfectly preserved.

Plus, it even works for non-food items. Vacuum seal documents you never want water damaged, like your great grandmother’s loveletter from your grandfather. From the hunter to the baker to the grandpa with the heart on his sleeve, the Vacuum Sealer is a wonderful addition to any home.

Have a foodie in mind this holiday season? Say joyeux noël with this cutting edge cuisine accoutrement!
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