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Win $500 to Shop 17th Ave

November 30, 2016

I live in, what I consider to be, the best neighborhood in Calgary: the Beltline.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how happy I am to be living in such a vibrant community.

There are the endless delicious restaurants and some of the best, most unique shops in the city!

This season, 17th Ave has made it easy to find something special for everyone on your list with their online Wish List

A great place to source the perfect gift before you hit the shops.

And it gets better!

From now until December 21st you can enter online HERE to win $500 to spend on 17th!

Now in the event you should enter and win, here are a few of my favourite places and recommendations of how you could spend some of that cash!

First, grab a friend (you’ll need someone to help carry your bags) and fuel up with a great lunch at Market.

It’s time to ugly laugh while you try to figure out how to pose for the perfect photo all whilst letting your food go cold…

But don’t worry, that’s just the starter. You’ll be a photo taking pro by the time your bacon & cheese topped fried chicken sandwich comes out!

Now that you’re all fed and watered, it’s time for an outfit change! (I’m a messy eater, so this is a crucial step).

For that you’ve got to check out LESS 17

From street level, this unassuming menswear shop looks like a tiny shoe store.

But through the doors and down the stairs you’ll find a well curated offering that will have you looking fresh from head to toe!

Less 17 carries collections and brands that you won’t find anywhere else in the city!

Next it’s time to turn the focus on to someone else. And no matter who you’re thinking of, you absolutely will find the perfect gift at Steeling Home

Jewelry, clothing, books, cards, home decor, kids toys and every unique curious item you never knew you wanted until now, Steeling Home has it.

Most recently I picked up a Lumberjack T-shirt and a hand made fly fishing fishhook advent countdown calendar, both items proudly made in Canada!

By now, your winnings are probably running low, but let’s say it’s a Friday between 3-5pm then you’ve got to stop by Anne Paterson’s Flowers

Because during that time ALL of the flowers in their fridge are discounted by 50%!

An amazing offering and a perfect way to create a beautiful arrangement that you can enjoy all weekend long!

Shopping 17th is one of my favourite pastimes and because it’s right outside my front door you’ll always have a tour guide or a lunch date if you ever need one!

So enter to win the $500 and #meetmeon17th!

Mr. Fab 17th

Looking forward to reading your comments!