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November 21, 2016

Sitting in the make-up chair is one of my fav places. It’s incredibly relaxing having someone else do my face.


If I’m not careful, I will nod off in a flash. Recently, I was shaken from my near slumber by the key Make-Up Artist for a Guillotine shoot, “What do you do to your skin?”
I started to panic. Did last week’s stress just show up on my face?! Have I not been properly removing make-up from filming?! Is there left-over pizza on my cheek?! “Um, what do you mean?”
“You have such an even complexion. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” True Story.

VivierSkin, mes amis. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this skincare brand. Great for men and women, alike.

My story: life stress & heavy make-up from my career resulted in pimples on my face. Mortifying. After chatting with a friend regarding her results, I went to the same clinic where it was suggested that I start on VivierSkin’s SkinTX SkinRestore Systems.
SkinTx SkinRestore is a 6 step system that gives results for problem skin. Be it hyperpigmentation, aging skin, irregular skin texture and tone, skin laxity or acne. This line will measurably improve any skin type complexion with minimal irritation or redness. From my experience, it has saved my skin.

7 full size products come in the cutest unisex tote. Because I love this line, I no longer have all products on hand, but links will be provided if you’re curious for more info.

Gentle cleanser. This product really doesn’t smell like anything, so you don’t have to worry about perfumes irritating your face.

Toner. Gentle, alcohol-free toner enriched with herbals like witch hazel and marigold to restore the skin’s moisture barrier while preparing the it to benefit from the next steps.


Serum C12 IS THE BOMB. This is one of the serums that sets VivierSkin & SkinTx above the crowd. The Vitamin C in this product is the HIGHEST pharmaceutical grade available. In a patented stable formulation, Serum C12 is a superhero for your skin fighting all signs of aging. It does tingle a bit, but it doesn’t hurt. And, a little goes a long way – I put 3-4 drops on the back of my hand to pat on my face. If you can only afford one SkinTx product, this is the one to spend your money on.


Skin Brightening Cream. I have just recently reincorporated this into my skincare routine. Why? It gently exfoliates dead skin cells off while combating sun damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye. I know! CRAZY AWESOME. Fights age spots at the core.


Exfoliant. This is an über gentle exfoliation with zero down time. The skin cells are sloughed off to reveal a bright complexion. My two cents: I like to mix a pea size dollop with the same amount of Skin Brightening Cream.


1% Retinol SR Complex. My friends, no matter your skin type, this product is my other winner. The program begins with a lower grade retinol and then builds up to the 1%. I will go into more detail about why I love retinols in a future post. Let’s just say that large pores and wrinkles can kindly jump off a bridge. Ciao!

Dark Circle Eye Cream. Containing Vitamin K, Shea butter and Argan Oil this gentle eye cream beautifully nourishes while hydrating the delicate skin of the eyes. This is perfect for travelling to combat the dryness of airplanes.

Physical Facial Block SPF 30. After doing all of that skincare, one MUST PROTECT. Before leaving the house put a sunscreen on. I mean it. Even if it’s to run across to Pharmaprix to buy saltines in your Hunter rubber boots, dirty hair & glasses – me once a week. This true broad-spectrum UVA/UVB and SPF 30 is formulated specially for daily use on the face, neck and décolleté. It goes on transparent without leaving a white lifeguard residue. Hallelujah!

The SkinTX SkinRestore System is worth every penny because it actually works. Au revoir, problem skin. Rest assured you won’t have to use full SkinTx program forever as most people, like myself, continue with other VivierSkin products for upkeep. Plus, with Christmas right around the corner, consider placing this on your wish list to Santa.

Acne, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, irregular skin texture or dullness? Ask your dermatologist or skincare clinician about SkinTx by VivierSkin. I’m already excited to see the outcome!
Please keep me in the loop by tweeting me or instagramming me @immllefab with your results!

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