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Christmas in November 

November 14, 2016

I am one of the Christmas season’s biggest fans! On November 12th I start to blare the holiday music and begin to ‘deck the halls‘.
In fact I love it so much that I typically keep the festivities going until the snow melts; and in Canada that nearly brings us to Summer!

So this past weekend when I boarded a bus to attend Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge’s Christmas in November, I excitedly donned my ugly sweater and arrived in style to a weekend of extravagant festivities filled with like minded holiday fans!

Over the next 3 days I sprung out of my bed daily like it was Christmas morning; only to be treated to interactive holiday seminars with some of Canada’s biggest names in food and decor: like Food Network Canada Chef, Mark McEwan!

Throughout the event, I learned how to make stuffing – and then proceeded to be stuffed! From endless samples throughout the day to a full-on breakfast, lunch and dinner; the actual holidays no longer stand a chance.

The chefs shared tricks and techniques for savoury and sweet dishes to help impress our family members; I may be this year’s holiday dinner champion!

Chef Anna Olson taught us that letting sister-in-law Donna win is not an option as she and husband Chef Michael Olson prepped an entire handmade holiday dinner in under 75 minutes!

And the chefs were not only cracking eggs, they were also cracking us up the entire time.

Nobody left Celebrity Chef Vikram Vij’s spicy curry class without a hilarious story to tell their friends!

But, Christmas in November wasn’t just about the food. There were multiple decor classes, wine tastings and even a pro mixology class with expert Micah Dew who was as charming as his cocktails were delicious.

His theme Christmas Around the World had us exploring global spirits while mixing & sipping during his wildly entertaining seminar.

And just when I thought my days couldn’t get any better, night fell and the holiday antics shot through the roof! There were dinners, live carols from The Willows, and one of the best live bands I have ever danced my night away to, the Retrofitz!

And then there was the Man Cabin! (Ladies were welcome)

By the light of day, beers & BBQ’s

And by night?… Those are memories you’ll have to attend next year to know about!

Christmas in November has absolutely been my highlight of 2016. Whether you are a holiday aficionado like myself or someone who just likes good food and good times, this event is impossible to disappointment!

An amazing weekend in an amazing setting!

The bang for your buck is ridiculously incredible, but the boost to your heart and holiday spirit is priceless.

Next year Chef Chuck Hughes will be headlining along side dozens of other stars… And I will absolutely be in attendance!

You’ve got to join me next year at Christmas in November at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge!

Mr. Fab for the Holidays

Looking forward to reading your comments!