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October 26, 2016

For the past two seasons of New York Fashion Week I’ve been invited by my friends at Maybelline to join them at their MADE for MAYBELLINE party at Milk Studios.

One of my NYFW highlights, the Maybelline Party not only hosts the preview to some of the newest collection, this year they also gave us ‘first looks’ at products to come!

And with a team of talented make up artists on hand, they were there to always make sure your face was pure perfection.

The MADE for MAYBELLINE Party this September also had us sipping creative cocktails and dancing into the night on the outdoor roof top penthouse location!

This season I was lucky enough to have the talented Sherona Sinclair from Crushed Rockets join me as a guest where she was able to catch some of the exciting moments from the party!

Thanks again for the generous invite and such an amazing night!

I am totally MADE for MAYBELLINE!


Mr. Fab party

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