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The Great Man Behind Bulleit Bourbon

October 25, 2016

One of my favourite experience is when I get the chance to meet the face behind great businesses and brands. So, last week when I was invited to enjoy a Bulleit Bourbon cocktail with, Tom Bulleit, I was ecstatic!

Now let’s pause the story for a moment and rewind back to Louisville in 1838 and a man named Augustus Bulleit; He was the great great grandfather of an un yet born Tom Bulleit and the founder of the unnamed future ‘Bulleit Bourbon’.
Back then there were thousands operating stills in Kentucky and Augustus owned one of them.

He had an original recipe and traveled the state selling his wares.
That was up until 1860 when he left one day and never returned… Mysterious, I know!

Now warp ahead to 1987 where Marine Core vet, scholar and great great grandson Tom Bulleit, decides to bring back the tradition, and recipe, for the thirsty masses… and that’s the Bulleit Bourbon I can’t get enough of today!

My conversation that afternoon ran long. As a fan of the brand I had so many questions.

But there was no professional format, just a great conversation about life with quick & witty AND self proclaimed “youthful & charming” (which nobody would deny) Tom.

And the most important realization I walked away with was;  The importance of sharing great product with great people. 

So whether you like your Bourbon on the rocks like Tom, with a splash of water like his Mom, or the BLT way like his wife Betsy enjoys, (Bourbon, lemon and tonic), your Bulleit will taste best with those you love.

Thanks for the great bourbon and great conversation Tom!

I’m glad you were able to bring your family secret back to life!

Mr. Fab bourbon

Looking forward to reading your comments!