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Quick & Easy Halloween Party Foods

October 18, 2016

Halloween is upon us and while some will Trick or Treat (I gave that up when I was 22), others will host at-home Halloween Parties.

And that’s the one thing I’m an expert at… Parties!

So to help feed and water your guests, I’ve dreamed up a few original recipes, like these easy top, fold and flip, Gruesome Quesadillas with Beet Dyed Mozzarella,

And these super healthy Pom Martinis garnished with Lycee Blueberry ‘Eyeballs’!

I’ve also borrowed a few ideas from the internet and my friends at Dempsters – like this easy to make Spider Web Quesadilla

and this ‘Guacamole Graveyard‘!

To find out how to make these quick and easy Halloween Party Foods and Drinks, check out my most recent appearance on Calgary’s Breakfast Television!

Mr. Fab’s Halloween Treats

Now it’s your turn to impress your guests!

Happy Halloween

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