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We ‘Mixit’ for Each Other 

October 17, 2016

We love cereal in the morning, afternoon and night!

What’s better than some crunch and sweetness at any given moment of the day?

Canadian-based company, Mixit, feels the same way and has been helping Canadians create customized cereals to ensure everyone’s cereal cravings are perfectly met!

From selecting your base to toppings to personalizing the tube it comes in – Mixit is a super tasty way to start your day.


For a little fun (and to test out how well we know each other), Mr Fab and I each created a tube of cereal we think the other person would love and would create for themselves.

A cereal challenge! offers 21 bases, 21 fruits, 18 seeds & nuts, and 16 additional add-ins to choose from… This was about to get fun!

M. Fab creates Mr!

Things I know about Mr Fab:

He loves adventure, decadence and straight-up tasty eats. With this in mind I created ‘Mr Fab’s Flava Flakes’ – a crunchy and zippy cereal he can use to fuel his hectic mornings.


First I chose the cereal base ‘Sunshine in the Soul’ as Mr Fab is a bright light and it amazes me how he can wake up so early and be so camera-ready.

Then, knowing how he likes the fancy things in life, I added in dry figs, apples, raspberries, coconut flakes and flax seeds for a touch of heart health.

To top it off I added in organic dark chocolate popped quinoa and dark chocolate flakes… Because, chocolate!


Now, let’s see what he made for me!

Mr. Fab creates for M!

After placing an order for a few cereals for myself, I thought I’d try my hand at creating one for M. Fab!

How well did I know her and would she like the creation?

First I picked the tin.

Because she had lived in Holland for a few years I thought I’d go as close to ‘Delft Blue‘ as possible.

Then it was all about the name.

Knowing her busy lifestyle and her love for the finer things, Fast & Fancy seemed super fitting.

But what to put in it?

I started with Dr. Bircher’s Oat Classic (it sounded very official and I know M would like that!)

Then I added diced figs, dried blueberries, and Greek yogurt raisins… all sorts of fancy fruit.

Then, just to make sure she would have the energy to get through her day, I tossed in chocolate covered coffee beans.

A perfectly Fast & Fancy  treat for her anytime of day!

Making these cereal surprise creations was so much fun, not to mention the amazing quality and seemingly endless Mix-in Mixit options!

Mixit is a Canadian company (Montreal based) and ships anywhere in the county!

So long ‘average’ supermarket cereals, Canada’s got Mixit!

Mr & M Fab fancy flava flakes

Looking forward to reading your comments!