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Extending My Fitness thanks to SodaStream Power

September 26, 2016

For me September has always been the time when I set new goals, press restart and take time to re-prioritize. This year is on warp speed and what has fallen by the wayside is having fun with fitness again. I used to love playing sports and trying new fitness classes, but I have been in a total workout rut this year!

So my fave SodaStream is helping me have fun again. Helping me elevate my overall fitness routine to include classes that (literally) stretch me out of my comfort zone while keeping me hydrated, in the fizziest way possible.

Now registered at Toronto’s popular Extension Room their classes offer the complete ballet fitness workout focusing on flexibility, agility, core stability, strength, tone and posture. And I LOVE it!


I am not a dancer. Yes, I took dance classes in my younger days…but my nickname was ‘Wrong Way Megan’ and ‘Back Row Munro’. So registering at a dance-focused studio definitely had me checking my ego at the door.


So far I have taken their Beginner Ballet class – which is for absolute ballet novices like me. We are learning the very basics, like how to Plié and do a Tendu. I love how straight-up graceful I feel after a class, like I could Pas be Bourree down the streets, without a care in the world.

I am also really enjoying their Barre 101 – a class where I can apply my newly acquired Ballet moves with a fitness twist. An up-beat cardio workout that leaves me totally worked out; I love the higher-intensity of this workout.

Post workout, instead of grabbing a sweet drink, I have been staying hydrated with my new SodaStream Power

I have been using SodaStream for years now, it’s a permanent fixture on my kitchen counter. The new Power is their slickest machine yet. A one-touch operation and you are sipping bubbles in no time.

I usually add in slices of lemon to my water to posh it up, but lately I’ve been incorporating mint from my garden. This lemon mint fizzy water is exactly what I want after a workout. It’s classy and chic, just like us ballerinas 😉


I’ll be posting about my dance classes on my Instagram and Twitter (@immfab), so follow me along…or better yet – come join me in class!

M Fab Allerina

  1. When I lived in Calgary, I took adult beginner tap and Bollywood dance through Free House Dance Plus. They maybe have an intro ballet as well!

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