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FAB Loves Anthony #NYFW

September 19, 2016

Skin care has always been important for me.

I remember when I was young, sneaking into my mom’s bathroom when she wasn’t home and slathering on her generic cold cream products… But when I got older (okay, when I got caught) and it came time to purchase my own skin care, I first trusted my face to a brand named Anthony.

Even now, with a million and one products on the market to choose from, my beauty kit still includes their Glycolic Facial Cleanser.

So last week when I was in NYC for Fashion Week, and the opportunity to meet the actual Anthony (I had no idea he was a real person) I was dizzy with excitement!

And the meeting was more than I could have hoped for!

Not only was I able to meet the man who created the first cosmetic product I ever bought, I was able to get a first hand look at some of the newest products; and I was even treated to a ‘hands on’ lesson in skincare!

Take a look!

… And that’s how you take a sweaty NYC face and make it look FAB again!

Thanks for the great tips and unforgettable memories Tony! (I can call him that now, we’re BFF’s).

Thanks to you: I’ll have great skin for life!

Mr. Fab thony

Looking forward to reading your comments!