Getting Speedy with Shaw WideOpen

September 8, 2016

The world of FAB is based on being connected.

Every day I log-on to nearly a dozen platforms to connect and share with my FAB followers, so when it comes to utilizing WiFi data, I’m thirstier for it than a barn cat in a milking pail.

So when I heard SHAW had recently launched their newest product WideOpen Internet 150, which would give me the opportunity to upload more AND faster, I needed to play Nancy Drew and investigate!

Now listen, I’m not a techie, (if you hear an “UH OH” going off at a party, that’s my ICQ blowin’ up on my Razr flip phone) so I called my BFF who is in the know to help me understand, in layman’s terms, exactly how fast their new offering is… And I wanted to share!

Here’s what I could accomplish on Shaw’s WideOpen Internet 150:

First up, 15 Mbps upload;

Growing up, I dreamt of being cast on Much Music’s Electric Circus. It never happened. But now, if I ever decide, I could host my own dance party and broadcast it live!

Next, 150 Mbps download;

Like most of my friends, I have a heavy diet filled with NetFlix and Shomi and to make sure I can count the pores on the Kardashians, I need a high high quality video and a data pipe to handle that flow. With Shaw’s Internet 150 I can connect with 4K resolution and stream 15x faster than my old connection, meaning I can now play ‘unqualified dermatologist‘ to the stars!

Lastly, 1 TB of data per month with no overage charges:

2 words: More Cats!
This is literally enough data for me to watch every cat video on the internet… twice!

Not only is Shaw’s WideOpen Internet 150 deliciously bountiful and crazy fast, it’s pretty inexpensive!

The sleuthing is over and the mystery is solved!

Time to speed up and save more with Shaw!

Mr. Fabps


Looking forward to reading your comments!