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FAB & Fiasco Gelato’s Pride Flavor Collaboration

August 29, 2016

There are three undeniable & delightful truths about me.

#1. I have an insatiable sweet tooth
#2. I’m a Leo
#3. I’m gay

So when it was announced that Fiasco Gelato was holding a competition to create a PRIDE flavor, my sugary-sassy-lion creative self started concocting creations in my mind with amazing names to enter.

Then, a few weeks later, the rainbow and unicorn gods shined down upon me and my idea was chosen as a finalist!

So it was off to Fiasco to create the flavor to be taste tested by a panel of judges who would be selecting a winner!

So what was my flavor concept & name?

Leather Daddy!

Leather Daddy PRIDE gelato flavor
An aggressive black licorice spiked gelato with jaw breaking licorice candies.

Pride Calgary Fiasco Gelato
But this guy had a soft side too.

A creamy toasted marshmallow gelato with fluffy house-made vanilla marshmallows gently folded in.

FullSizeRender (5)

Then, after being entangled together, Leather Daddy was ready to get all up in the judges mouths… And he was headed for a first place finish!

The other finalists were stiff competition!

PRIDE Finalists Fiasco Gelato
There was the Tipsy Unicorn, Blackberry Fruitcake and Sex in a Pan….

But only one could win…

And Leather Daddy came out on TOP!

Fiasco Gelato PRIDE flavor winner MRFAB
The prize?

A year supply of the famed Fiasco Gelato, but most importantly a delicious gelato that will proudly be sold in honor of LGBTQ Pride Week in Calgary!

Leather Daddy can be found in Fiasco’s Cafe now and will also be available in Shaw Millennium Park during the PRIDE celebrations on Sunday September 4th!

Hope you enjoy this delicious creation as much as I do!

immrfabulous PRIDE Fiasco Gelato

Happy Pride!

Mr. Fab gelato daddy

Looking forward to reading your comments!