FAB Loves Coco

August 24, 2016

2 years ago in NYC, while running from show to show during Fall Fashion Week, I ran into famed Canadian Top Model, Coco Rocha… Literally!

After quickly rounding a corner in SOHO, I nearly trampled the 5’10 model. After a quick apology, I realized who I was standing face-to-face with; I started to scream… Literally!

Coco Rocha and Mr.Fab (Large)
She was kind and gracious and I fell more in love with her than I already was.

Fast forward to earlier this month and an invite to join Coco in Toronto for an event to celebrate her partnership with Amopé, a complete line of foot and nail care products that reminds Canadian women to love their feet this summer and how to feel confident with every step… In addition this was an opportunity to talk to her about her new CO+CO fashion collection.

Sadly I was not able to attend, but to my delight, Coco offered to call and chat with me for a bit.
Here’s some of my favourite moments from the phone call…


FAB: Hey Coco! It’s great to chat with you again! I wish it wasn’t over the phone though, I wish we were sitting in our pyjamas together eating cookies, chatting!

Coco: Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to pretend! 

Born in Toronto and raised in Vancouver, Coco has been living in New York City since 14. Now 27, Coco still recalls the moment she, as a “Tall, Scrawny, Sweaty” teenager, was scouted during a Ukrainian dance competition. Her and her friends laughed at the idea, Coco felt she was “not the epitome of what was beautiful“… But the fashion world thought otherwise, and Coco’s career is a testament to the wide & diverse range of models that exist in 2016.

FAB: With so many amazing moments, if you could pick one photo or one shoot that resonates with you the most which would it be?

Coco: It was a shoot for American vogue, Steven Meisel shot it. It was his top favourite models. He was taking the photo and he was in the photo. I remember I was the youngest in the photo and realized how cool this was, but now looking back at the photo, it was pretty amazing!

Next I wanted to take a look into Coco’s Closet and asked:

FAB: What is an item in your closet that you should, but just can’t part with?

Coco: There is just too many, my husband, James, just renovated our new home and my closet. There’s a space, way above where I could never reach, and up there are pieces of clothing that I would never use ever again in my entire life but just can’t part with. Items like a faux fur vest I wore when I was 8, to jeans I cut into shorts when I was 12. I’ve even kept my first lipstick stick tube… All of it feels like memorabilia of human life.

FAB: What’s a retired fashion trend you’d love to see make a come-back?

Coco: WIGS. Wigs should make a comeback. My mom’s a flight attendant and in the early days of flight attendants, they had a wig for every occasion! Hong Kong she’d wear this wig, when she’d go to Brazil she’d wear that wig! It was a normal thing… I’d like to see that come back!

During our conversation the chatter then turned to family; in that instant it was clear what Coco’s priorities were.

FAB: When you’re back in Toronto visiting, where is your favourite place to hang out.

Coco: This is going to be easy, it’s called my Dads basement! All of my family’s here and it’s not that I have to, but I LOVE spending time with them and everyone loves loves loves making food! From Nana, to Grandma, to my Mom everyone really wants to spoil me with food.

And with that, a text rolled in. It was Coco’s Mom, asking her to pick up some potatoes as she was making a curry for dinner; it was time to wrap up our call… But before I left, I needed to know more about Amope! After all, a top model doesn’t partner with just any brand and I wanted to know what her fav product was!

Coco: I don’t like getting pedicures and manicures, probably because I’m ticklish and it feels like work going to the salon, so I would just rather do it myself. And I want things done quick; I personally do everything in the shower, including brush my teeth and taking care of my feet. So I use the Amope electronic foot file because it can go in the shower and get wet. It’s quick, easy and gives me beautiful feet.. I’ve even forced my husband to use it and he’s a manly man… With soft feet!

We then said our goodbyes and our chat was over.

Then, a week later with a ring of the door bell, I had a special delivery. Knowing I’ve always wanted to sleep in satin sheets, but worried my rough feet would snag the sheets (I may have shared TMI during our convo), Coco sent me a sweet surprise!

coco rocha for Amope immrfabulous
Coco is not only an amazing model… But most importantly she also has an amazing heart!

Thanks for the memorable chat and the softest tootsies!

Mr. Fab rocha

Looking forward to reading your comments!