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LOLË FW 2016 Sneak Peek

August 9, 2016

The sun may be shining bright, but in the design world, it’s all about AUTUMN.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the sneak peek of LOLË’s FW 2016 collection with the designer, Andy Thê-Anh!


LOLË’s resident designer, Andy Thê-Anh led us through 2 collections:

LOLË White


A line designed with teachers in mind. Instructors wanted to be fashionable while getting their OHM on. I LOVE this line. The white on white with touches of a coral water-colour is STUNNING. It’s functional meets pretty. Nama-slay, indeed.

Psst: this line is currently available on line. Plus, Lolë White Tour, a live musical sunset yoga event, is happening on August 18th in Montreal. Get tix here.

FW 2016

Andy tells us, “Texture is the new colour”. The feel of the fabric comes first in this collection. Felted insulated leggings, thick cable-knit sweaters and light quilted jackets. Though the feel is prominent, the colour palette is deep and rich, striking a gorgeous balance.

BONUS: in November, it gets dark in la belle ville early, so LOLË created a solution with reflective bands sewn into the inside pant cuff. Roll up and run outside in safety!


Lolë’s innovation does not stop at the clothing. This new PERFORATED yoga mat caught my attention. Anyone who has taken an yoga class knows the frustrating part is potential mould after rolling up a post-practice damp mat. The tiny holes alleviate that problem by aiding quick-dry capabilities. BRILL.

This Montréal brand continues to impress me with each visit. Not only is LOLË FW 2016 creatively innovative, but it’s also as pretty as Dancer’s Pose.

Mlle Fab amaste


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