Roam or Bust…

August 2, 2016

Last month I was contacted with a strange question from Fido.

Why don’t we see you sharing your photos and videos ‘live’ while you’re travelling?

Truth is, because the carrier I was using charged astronomical prices to use cellular roaming and I wasn’t looking to re-mortgage my home to use it.

Then Fido followed up by saying they offered a $5 US and $10 Europe FidoRoam package (which includes talk, text and data for a 24 hour period) and like that, my mind was instantly made up… After being on the same overpriced plan for years, it was time to make the switch to Fido!

And now, after a month of travel using the FidoRoam service, I have been able to share my fun adventures with my FAB family & friends as it has happened!

From LA to London, and even in more remote areas of Europe like Stonehenge, Fido’s kept me connected without failing me once!

After 15 years with a carrier that offered me an average service with minimal benefits I am 100% happy and satisfied with my new provider and ecstatic over their FidoRoam package.

Thanks Fido for helping share my FAB moments LIVE!

Mr. Fab roam

Looking forward to reading your comments!