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July Fitness Friday

July 29, 2016

The sun is beaming bright. And beaches are calling my name. So, it’s time for a Fitness Friday!
To get those beautiful booties ready for summer, here are my top tips for July!

VivierSkin Sheer Broad Spectrum 45.


With summer here, my fav is to hit the pavement with my tunes and my trainers. As much as I love the golden rays, I don’t want to end up looking like a weathered leather clutch. As you know, I love VivierSkin . Their new SPF face crème is light with a non-greasy finish. Broad spectrum means it covers you from UVA & UVB rays up to 45x stronger your skin’s natural strength. BEST: no clogging of pores!

AG Re:Coil & Colour Saver & Cleansing Cream.

My hair is a GONG SHOW after my Yoncé inspired legs sesh. that said, I need something gentle as I have to wash my hair more often. If I’m tight on time, the two-in-one Cleansing Cream is FANTASTIC. When the lil’ white rabbit is on my side I reach for Re:Curl & Colour Saver. Leaves my wavy coloured locks soft and smelling like a creamsicle!

PUNKTER Massage Balls.

Every body needs pampering, especially one that WERRRRKS. When I can’t get in to see an RMT, these balls are a WICKED substitute.  Use gravity to roll out any body ache! Psssst I’ve had this set for ten years – they LAST.

Lululemon Tranquility Crop

My mum came to visit me and brought me these capris. Cute! They are SO COMFORTABLE. Lightweight with a titch of stretch.
Originally made to be worn over dancer tights to keep muscles warm after class, but I found these perfect for gym days, pilates, barre as well as hiking on a trail. Feels like you’re wearing nothin’ but air, which is awesome for these hot summer days!



“Eat all the colours in season & you’ll be fine”, my pa. He’s right. What to do when  I can’t get all veggie/fruit servings in? Juice it!

Personally, I never buy pre-juiced. I watch the drink being freshly pressed or I do it myself. Drink within 45min of juicing before the enzymes die.

Enzymes control speed of chemical reactions – help a body ‘work’ as a well-oiled machine. Plus, if I’ve been poutining (oui, that’s a verb ; ), I give my digestion system a break by enjoying a delicious fresh concoction – ginger, lemon, broccoli, celery, carrot, kale, pear & beet is my FAV. Best part is you can use whatever is in your fridge just before it goes bad!


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.36.57 AM
Remember hanging from the monkey bars as a kid? Not only FUN but releases spinal tension. All day gravity weighs down on our skeleton. Create space in between each vertebrae by reversing the pull of gravity on the spine.
As always, check with a physician before beginning any fitness regimen. If you can’t get to your local playground to hang upside down by your kness, head to your nearest wall or tree for a handstand – you’ll work out your pecs, shoulders & upper back at the same time.

Have someone spot you. Go on hands and knees like a table – head towards the wall. Place hands near the wall (’bout 6 inches) and spread fingers. Push each knuckle into the ground. Lift up bum to be in downward dog (upside down V). Kick one leg up and then the other to touch the wall. Push hands into the ground and feel upper back engage. Suck tummy to spine and close rib cage to hips. Stay for 2 good breaths working up to 1 min. Don’t be surprised if your height slightly increases with time. What up, Jolly Green giant ; ).

In the words of Hal & Joanne, “Keep Fit, FAB & Have Fun!”
Mlle Fab Fitness Partner


Looking forward to reading your comments!