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Get Clean. Persil Clean! 

July 22, 2016

Trusted European brand in laundry care, Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent, has come to Canada… And just in time!

With piles of muddy Calgary Stampede clothing coming from Mr. Fab, and humid east-coast cottons from Mlle Fab’s Montreal Festival Season adventures, we’ve decided to put this new-to-Canadian market detergent (which has been around for 100+ years) to the test!

Down and Dirty

Mr. Fab:

Over the past 10 days of the Calgary Stampede it has rained… Rained every day; and with the rain came mighty-musty clothes. Not only were there endless barn tours & parties, I also filmed 8 on-air network segments in numerous fair food trucks!

Translation – Dirty/Muddy/Greasy clothing.

But Persil Pro Clean Power Liquid assured me that they could ‘Pro-Lift’ the soil & stains from my clothing….

Mlle. Fab:

No matter the temperature, I love to run outside. Especially in the summer. Thanks to Montréal humidity, my running gear is now disgusting.

Persil ProClean Power-Pearls is the only detergent to contain the patented Pro-Power Technology (powerful 5-enzyme combinations to fight stains); I wanted to see how it would fare against my stained running hat.

The Clean Factor

Mr. Fab:

When you drop a ‘The Dog Father’ hotdog down your shirt, treating the mess with with a pre-wash stain treatment is my typical go to.

The additional step I’ve taken in the past has worked ‘average’ at best…  So I thought I’d skip the step to see if Persil ProClean Power Liquid could do it better alone.

Truth is: it did!

A little Persil Liquid right on the sloppy concoction and some more in the wash, my shirt came out looking like I had only eaten a dressing free salad that day!

Fun Fact Persil was the first laundry brand in the world to launch a liquid laundry detergent!

Mlle Fab:

Let the photo speak for itself! With the help of Persil’s “Pro-White Technology” my once disgusting cap is back to its original BEAMING WHITE. Highly Impressive!


TIP: for tough stains, mix Persil ProClean Power-Pearls with HOT water in a pail, add soiled laundry and leave to soak for 24hrs. Wash & Hang. Works like a dream on EVERYTHING.

Fun Fact Persil was the first laundry brand in the world to launch a concentrated powder detergent!

Smell This

Mr. Fab:

I have been using the same laundry detergent brand for the past 10 years mostly due to my sensitive nostrils. The overpowering scent of the other brands have had me quit a workout mid-step. So the idea of leaving my clothes and nose to another brand had me nervously freaked out. But from the first sniff, the mild and fresh scent of Persil had me super satisfied! Best described as that clean smell you have when you’re just out of the shower. Easy on the nose and satisfying to others who you breeze past on the street!

Mlle Fab:

Persil makes me wish our site had a scratch and sniff icon. I washed my OOTD in Persil ProClean Original just to see how it would fare throughout the day – and after a day of errands, enjoying Cirque in 30 degree weather and practically melting to death… My clothes still smelled FRESH as if I’d never worn them! HOW WAS THIS POSSIBLE?! Small children & animals should have been fainting, but I was fresh as a daisy.

The Finale

Mr. Fab:

The honest to goodness truth is that I am so happy and satisfied with the scent and cleaning power of Persil, that I have decided to switch from the brand I have used for the past 10 years.

Persil is not only the top-selling brand in Europe, it’s also the top choice for me!

Mlle Fab:

Great for H.E. washing machines or the plain old barrel, Persil ProClean Laundry Detergent is a welcome addition to the Canadian laundry care market. From the cutting-edge Power-Liquid Coldwater (developed specially for Canadians) to Power-Pearls, Persil has your laundry care needs covered.

Welcome to Canada Persil, you’ll be keeping out Fab Fam looking FRESH.

Mr & Mlle Fab ProClean

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