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EAT THIS: Beaver Balls & PB Dumbbells

July 12, 2016

Every year at the Calgary Stampede, food vendors create dozens of crazy edible concoctions to tantalize the taste buds of the fair goers.

From Salty to Sweet and everything in between it’s an all out food war to see who can create the newest and most outrageous treat!

Throughout the 10 day festival I’ll be filming stories, inside these wild food trucks, for my friends at SHAW TV Calgary which will air daily on their stampede themed show titled ‘Saddle Up’.

Here are my first 2 segments which have already aired.

Get ready to taste:

The Great Canadian Beaver Balls

And time to work out your taste buds with:

The Peanut Butter Dumbell

Slip into your stretchy pants and enjoy!

Mr. Fab eats

Looking forward to reading your comments!