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HYBA Fitness Friday

July 8, 2016

I love to move.

From marathons to HIIT circuits to Ashtanga to kickboxing. Name it and I’m game to try!

My workout gear takes a beating. So, needless to say, I was thrilled to try out the new Canadian activewear brand, HYBA!


When exercising, I prefer to remain locked & loaded, so to speak. I chose one of HYBA’s full support sports bra.  I am delighted to report that the ladies remained under control! 

No detachable cups, so it’s always ready to go. I’m a grab & literally run out the door kinda gal, so that’s great for me.

Very comfortable. Loved the adjustable band as well as straps. Completely recommended.


I DETEST carrying anything when I workout. Even arm bands. WORST.  

The zip pockets on the sleeveless hoodie are BRILL. Held my iphone, house keys w/ gym pass (big set), credit card, cash & metro pass with scads of room to spare. The hidden pocket in the capri pants are a BONUS. Big enough for a credit card, cash or iShuffle. 

Ever been running & you feel the pants slowly inch down? UGH.  

These HYBA capri pants I tried did not disappoint. I was told that they do not slide and to be honest, mine stayed put. 

My test: a quick 3k run, followed by an hour leg workout then ending with a 20min hatha stretch & 25min walk home. The only time I had to adjust the capris was after I went to the loo. No London or France seen here!

Makes me want to MOVE
Sometimes I need motivation to get my butt moving. And nothing does that quicker than a new fun outfit!

The capri pants from this summer’s line are CUTE. The cut of the fabric on the legs is flattering. It follows the natural curve of the quad & glute muscles – peek at the preceding photo. Why is that good? It makes all that work doing squats at the gym pay off.  Bonjour, Shapely & Fit bottom!


This new brand is always looking for new ways to improve upon itself. The sneak peek of the upcoming Fall/Winter Collection, aimed to please: gorgeous fabrics & cool new design structures. 

Being a certified personal trainer, I love seeing everyone move. HYBA is wonderful in that it runs from a XXS to a 3XL. Something for literally every woman. I friggin’ adore that. Bravo!

HYBA has definitely got my attention. With 18 shops across Canada, I look forward to seeing how this brand will grow. 

A GROS BISOUS to HYBA for letting me try their active wear! Try it out for yourself and please let me know what you think. Until then, I’ll continue my tests!

Mlle Fab HYBA Fan


Looking forward to reading your comments!