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Goose Island Beer Co’s Migration Week

July 6, 2016

Beer & Wings. Beer & Pizza. Beer & Baseball.

That’s what I usually think of when the yeasty beverage comes to mind.

My point of view was changed after experiencing Migration Week with Goose Island Beer Co!


The Chicago based brewery, Goose Island Beer Co., has been creating artisanal beers since 1988. Lucky for us, the delicious brand has ‘migrated’ north of the border where it can be found on tap at such places as  Taverne St-Sacrement or by the bottle in any reputable liquor store.

Truth time. I’ve never been that much of a beer drinker, but I can honestly say that out of the 10 different artisan flavours, I was delightfully surprised by many of the limited releases. Here are my stand-outs:


Considered the champagne of the brand, the Sofie was my fav. Light, crisp with a hint of sparkle. Plus the goblet serving glass is completely my style. Chin Chin!


Madame Rose came in a close second. This white beer was delicately flavoured with cherries and spices. Think sangria meets real lemonade without all the sugar. REFRESHING. And if you can enjoy it with charming company, like Le Contemporaliste, (who at a glance could pass for Mr. Fab’s twin) even better!


The limited edition Bourbon County Stout is not for the faint of heart. Rich complex flavours of chocolate and vanilla. Any beer connoisseur will definitely appreciate this strong delicacy.

As a side note, all of these beers come in beautiful bottles, perfect for your next BBQ. Keep your table classy by serving a refreshing Goose Island Beer or two. I know I will ; ).

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