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Beat the Heat

June 24, 2016

This Summer is going to be HOT and with it will come sweaty thighs, dehydration and possible sunburns.

But this year I plan to be prepared!

Here are 4 products that will be my summer must-haves… and maybe they should be yours too!

No Sweat Body Defense – by Anthony

No Sweat Body Defense - by Anthony

Their objective is to ‘keep it dry down there’ and if you’ve ever suffered from ‘chub rub’ (where my big thigh people at?!), then you’ll appreciate this cream blended with tapioca starch.

It provides a powder like barrier that will keep you dry and protect the skin from chafing and discomfort, while the Aloe Vera refreshes and the Vitamin E nourishes!

vitaminwater SHINE with vitamin d + calcium

Vitaminwater SHINE with vitamin d + calcium

This Watermelon Pink Grapefruit vitaminwater is the brand’s newest addition to the family. Not only will it keep you deliciously hydrated, it’ll perk you up even if your Summer is spent in a gloomy office.

Shine is a nutrient enhanced water beverage that’ll give you 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, 30% vitamin D as well as a smattering of other vitamins to keep you ‘shining’ all season

Skin Defense Booster – by Dermalogica

Skin Defense Booster - by Dermalogica

If your favourite daily lotion or foundation doesn’t contain an SPF, then this solar defense booster is for you!

Mix equal parts of this Broad Spectrum sunscreen in to your moisturizer or foundation and it will add the critical UVA & UVB defense to your day!


Routine Cream natural underarm deodorant

Finally an all natural deodorant that will have you smelling a dozen different ways.

Made in Canada, Routine offers 12 different scents for him & her. Using a Beeswax or Clay base (unless you’re Vegan, then they have a 3rd formula for you), these products will have you smelling fresh all day long!

All 4 of these products are already in my beach tote and will be by my side all Summer long!

They’re FAB tested and approved!

Happy Sweating!

Mr. Fab summer

Looking forward to reading your comments!