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The Edgiest & The Guest Editor Glow

June 23, 2016

The Estée Lauder brand is like a classic lady. She knows what works for her, but she is also open to trying something new.

And lucky for us, from that adventure into the beauty unknown, a new line The Estée Edit was born. So you can imagine my delight to get a sneak peek at the nouveau collection, which is available only at Sephora!


If you’re already one of our wonderful FAB readers then you probably drooled over M Fab’s introduction to the 82 piece selection. As there are so many WONDERFUL products, we both agreed that I had to share in more detail!

Kendall Jenner and beauty youtuber, Irene Kim, are the two guest editors for this entire fantastic new line of beauty products by Estée Lauder.
The Edgiest & The Guest Editor Glow lines of The Estée Edit collection caught my eye due to the COLOUR & the INNOVATION.

The Edgiest

Strong colours. Bold choices. It’s the statement necklace for anyone’s beauty cupboard.

Metallishadow Crème & Powder


Deep jewel tones reign surpreme.

Made to apply with the finger, but a brush can also be used. Word is, when Kendall and Irene got their hands on the product, they dove in and were campaign picture ready in 10 min!

Crazy easy to use: smooth on the dark crème. Add accompanying glitter atop. Dance the night away. Or sweep just the glitter on lids, cheekbones or cupid’s bow and be ready for Sunday brunch with Grandma!

Psssst: the Scarlet Eclipse can also use as a lip and/or cheek stain in a pinch. As the make-up artists shared with us: there are no rules!

The Edgiest Kohl Shadow Stick


“From spin class to out all night, this life-proof liner won’t give away what you’ve been up to“. The description alone makes me want to slip on my fav heels and dance the night away.

Glide on, smudge with a finger or wear 60s inspired thick. Before I leave home, I pop this rich Violet Taboo in my handbag, so when my day is done I’m ready for an evening of anything!

Lip Flip


I am of Meditaranean descent, so my olive skintone does not always agree with the popular colours available on the beauty market. Frustrating, indeed.

That pain is no longer as The Estée Edit The Edgiest collection has offered a solution with the Lip Flip Shade Transformer and Mattified Lipstick!

Colour correct ANY ‘red’ lipstick to your preference with these two lipsticks. The yellow toned Lip Flip Shade Transformer lipstick “Turn Up” is applied on top to brighten any shade. The blue toned Mattified lipstick is applied under to deepen a colour. And, for a THIRD OPTION: apply the Mattified, then your chosen ‘red’ hued lipstick and finish with the Lip Flip Shade Transformer “Turn Up”. It’s like a choice of 4 different reds from your 1 red lipstick!

The Guest Editor Glow

This line is innovation at it’s best. So many cool new products. Here are 3 of my favs:

Flash Photo Powder

The_Guest_Editor_Glow_The_Estée_Edit_Flash_Photo_Powder_Sephora (1)

Addicted to Instagram, but sick of the filters? Looking picture perfect without any ‘adjustments’ is now completely possible with this remarkable little powder. Before any pictures, swipe on this finely milled powder to be ready for any angle. You will be AMAZED by the result. Best part: no cake-y build-up.

Beam Team


Love strobing & travelling? This smartly compact 2-in-1 is for you. Get the moisture and subtle ‘glow-from-within’ with the hydration cream. Then pop open the top to add a touch more shimmer to cheekbones with the crème gel. ADORE how great this product is for easy carry-on beauty!

Pore Vanishing Stick

This new product is INSANE for men and women.

My t-zone could direct traffic from Mars with its shine. This little miracle stick can be swiped on alone, before or after make-up to reduce shine. It. Is. BRILLIANT. It has found a permanent home in my beauty cupboard.

The Estée Edit is such an incredible line. But please, don’t take my word for it, head to the nearest Sephora to try for yourself. Tag me, so I can see your gorgeous ‘edgy glow’!

Mlle Fab Edit

Looking forward to reading your comments!