Tiger of Sweden A|W 16 Collection Preview

June 15, 2016

Tiger of Sweden was founded in 1903 by entrepreneurs Marcus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordtröm. Specializing in fine tailored suits, this fashion brand has elevated the suit form ‘taking it out of the bank, and onto the street’.


This Autum | Winter ’16 collection has incorporated a strong line of accessories and impeccably chic women’s clothing.


A collection capturing the feeling of the city where Tiger of Sweden originates.

A small village on Sweden’s west coast – Uddevalla – nature motifs and earthy colours resonate throughout their Autumn | Winter collection.

This hand-stitched men’s sweater resembles an earthy Swedish forest.


These bold leather boots, made in Portugal, are gorgeously crafted and in stunning Fall colours.


Tiger of Sweden is known for Scandinavian minimalist fashion – well-tailored pieces that are both bold and wearable for many seasons. Like this covetable black leather moto jacket. I would live in this season after season.


The Toronto flagship can be found on Ossington and you can find these pieces available this August.

In the meantime… I’ll be dreaming of all the shoes…


M Fab TigerOfShoeLover

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