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Le Meridien Versailles

June 2, 2016

Travelling is fantastic. The new experiences. The new sights. Adore it all!

But it’s always nice to have a special place to rest at the end of a day of exploring. And nothing says, home-away-from-home like the boutique hotel Le Meridien Versailles.


The Montréal luxury boutique hotel has just undergone renovations and the result is PRETTY.


Crisp clean lines with a touch of 1920s brushed velvet. It’s The Great Gatsby meets MoMA. Who could ask for anything more?!

The penthouse has a most spectacular amount of daylight due to a massive two-room view of downtown Montréal.


Plus, the king size bed beckons all to take a well deserved break, even if it’s from eating bonbons.


An added bonus is that Le Meridien Versailles guests are welcome to use Priority Bicycles to explore la belle ville. How charming!

Come to adventure in another city, but stay for the decadent details. Le Meridien Versailles, I’ll take the penthouse, svp!

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