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Weekday Winning with Minute Rice

June 1, 2016

Mr Fab and I have been great pals for many years now.

Like good friends do, you learn things about each other – habits, ‘hell no’s’, likes, and loves.

I know he irons his t-shirts and has a zest for life like no other.
I love his ability to tell a great story and his love of art.

We’ve seen each other in wet suits and still thought we each looked fabulous…


I, however, did not know the pure love affair he has with Minute Rice.

So, when I was invited to a cooking class hosted by the talented ladies of the ‘Sweet Potato Chronicles  incorporating Minute Rice into weekday meals, I was surprised to see my phone blowing up with excited texts from Mr Fab himself.

“I buy that in bulk at COSTCO”

“I could eat that at every meal”

Me, a rice novice, thought he was a little being a little over-the-top, until we made our first dish…in under ten minutes!


Using Minute Rice’s Long Grain and Wild Rice, we whipped up a tasty, vegetarian meal using pomegranates, oranges, feta and watercress. The Pomegranate, Feta and Wild Rice Salad.


I then learned how to cook tilapia (fry until it turns opaque) and made a super tasty Fish Taco Bowl using their Basmati rice.


Both recipes were delicious and fast and tasty and now I totally get Mr Fab’s unabashed love for this product.

My cooking partner, Steph and I both agree – this is a Weekday Win!


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Looking forward to reading your comments!