Miami Nights at Parkshow

May 31, 2016

I’ve been to a lot of fashion shows in North America!

Vancouver, Toronto, California & New York City, but the one that always has me nodding my head ‘hell yah’ takes place in Calgary, AB!


Parkshow immrfabulous 2016
Now: style is a personal choice and when it comes to designers and their collections, you’re either feeling it or you’re not.

So let’s put the fashions aside for a minute and talk about what’s undeniably perfection; The production of PARKSHOW.


From the shows debut a few years back, it’s been clear that the team’s directive was not only to do things differently, but to do things better than others.

And this weekend’s past show proved to me that they’re anything but basic!

From the way they bring up the lights to follow the first model stomping the designer’s opening look down the runway, to the complex pattern the models criss-cross as they manoeuver the fashionable maze!

Unlike any other show, outside of popular fashion weeks, PARKSHOW had a plethora of models strutting on the catwalk at the same time!

My head was whipping back and forth like I was Beyoncé in concert.
There was always something new to see.

And that’s not the only thing that impressed me!

The Music, Yassss!
The Models, Yasss!
The Hair, Yasss!
The Makeup, Yasss
The Front Row Gift Bags…..

Parkshow swag


This was undeniably the best performed PARKSHOW to date.

Now back to the fashions!
These were my favourites:

Anne B Accessories

Anne B Park Show 2016 Check Szmurlo

This is most definitely a ‘statement necklace’!
Big, Chunky, In Your Face, literally!

Anneke ForbesAnneka Forbes

She started her fashion line with a powder blue leather biker jacket and is now giving women more must-have pieces to fill out their wardrobe.
I’m in love with the metallic shortie blazer.

Lennard Taylor

Lennard Taylor Parkshow 2016 Fashion Show

I loved the collection last time I saw it on the runway and this time was no different.
I wanted to snatch all the clothing off the models like I was in a cash-grab wind machine!
I would wear his entire collection, Men’s & Women’s!

Malika Couture (photo credit @melbyankee)

Malika Couture

My favourite designer from the 2 night of shows.
I have no idea who she is or where she came from but I was feeling the love for every piece of women’s wear in the collection!
It was unique, creative and very well constructed!

It was an amazing 2 night affair of multiple designer’s shows; with snippets of retail runway mixed in between.
A feast for the fashionable eye and a production like no other.

Amazing job to the incredible designers and the dozens of amazing volunteers who make PARKSHOW happen.
You should be very proud!

See you next show!

Mr. Fab show

  1. Thank you so much for including my jackets in your post! It was fun catching up with you at the show as usual :). And I agree, those PARK girls know what they are doing!

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