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Forever Plaid: A Harmonious Romp

May 27, 2016

I grew up on musicals and each time I travel to New York or London, seeing a musical is number one on the agenda.

I love the singing and the dancing; the way musicals lift an audience’s spirits.

Forever Plaid opened last night in Toronto and I was lucky enough to be invited to their red carpet opening night event.


Best described as a harmonious romp set to 50’s feel good tunes, this musical tells the story of a quartet of singers who take a ‘detour to heaven on the way to their first big concert’.

The cast have incredible voices, so their harmonies, woven into fun and upbeat choreography, are sure to become a fan favourite.


Mixing original songs with 50s classics, this is the type of show you can bring your Mom or your best friend to.

Playing now until June 12th at the Panasonic Theatre here in Toronto, you can get tickets ranging from $40-$100.

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