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Fitness Friday

May 20, 2016

Fitness is a passion of mine.

And because most of us struggle with body images, me included, when I train clients I focus on feeling good in one’s own skin. Nothing is sexier than confidence.

And with spring finally here, I want to see you embracing your hot selves. So here are my Fitness Friday tips for May!



Cross-train with classical pilates. This Montréal studio in Westmount is a bright & beautiful space with knowledgeable instructors. Plus, learning how to properly engage your core can alleviate SO MUCH body pain from back to hips to knees, etc. I personally love that this is a workout I can do even when I’m healing from an injury as it’s very low impact. Stay in engaged alignment followed with a beautiful post workout glow!

Lolë Lily Tote Bag.

Choice of shoulder straps or backpack straps save you from being the humpback of Canada. Plus, the extra pockets for a laptop as well as yoga mat and water bottle are BRILLIANT. Keep everything with you without losing style or gaining the chronic one shoulder slouch!

CEP Compression Socks.


OH MY GOODNESS. Can we take a moment for these? Oui, the colour is KILLAH, but more importantly it’s the function. They aid circulation in order to assist everything from long distance running to bodybuilding. Fancy talk: you can work out longer & recover faster as blood is circulating better. Get your move on while lookin’ like a boss!

Organic Turmeric


This super food spice is BLOWING my mind. It is anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, blood pressure and new studies have shown that it can stop metastasis or even eradicate pre-cancerous cells cells. Bottom line, it’s a super economical way to alleviate my joint pain from running. Au revoir, runner’s knee!

Here’s my fav way to take the golden spice: “Golden Milk


Front Plank.


When in a rush, this is my go to in order to engage all 3 sets of abs. Beginner? As always chat with a physician before any physical regime. Start with knees on the floor and your elbows under shoulders. Lift up hips & squeeze lower tummy to spine like a rock. Hold for 15 seconds.  Work your way up to being on your toes for 60 seconds. You can do it!

That’s all I got for this month. Please throw me a line/picture on Twitter or Insta @immllefab to let me know how your fitness journey is going. I’d love to follow your progress!

Inspired by the words of Hal & Joanne, “Keep Fab, Fit and have Fun!”

Mlle Fab Fit Fri


Looking forward to reading your comments!