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A May Getaway

May 19, 2016

There are a few months of the year I think are perfect for setting sail, hopping on a plane, or jumping in your car and checking out what the world has to offer.

The month of May is one of them!

Europe in the Spring has a magical quality to it – all the flowers are in bloom, the weather is warm and mild, the nights are long and tourism is lower than in the summer.

One of my favourite cities to explore is Brugge. It’s a perfectly perfect fairytale of a city in the middle of Belgium and easily accessible via train from Brussels.


Belgium for us North Americans is often overlooked as we tend to flock to London and Paris and forget about this small country just south of Holland.

So if you’re currently planning a jaunt out of the country, let me show you some of the highlights that will have you booking your tickets faster than I can down a Belgian waffle

Hotel van Cleef 

When entering this restored 700-year-old luxury boutique hotel, you first notice the incredible interior design. A stunning mix of grand and opulent, cozy and intimate.


Amazing art complements the incredible view this hotel has from its back terrace on the canal.


Winning the Belgian Hospitality Award for “Best Hotel Concept” in 2015, the staff is at the top of their profession, making you feel like royalty and family at the same time.


There is no other hotel where you can take a luxurious bath while looking out over UNESCO World Heritage Protected medieval rooftops and church-towers. No other hotel that was once home to Counts and Dukes of the Van Cleef dynasty.


This hotel is one of the best I’ve stayed in and will make your trip to Brugge that much more spectacular.

The Architecture

Brugge is often called the ‘Venice of the North’ – and for good reason. Ancient buildings are nestled along twisty old canals, making every turn a perfect photo opp.


The Food 

Famous for their beer, chocolate, ‘frites’ and waffles, Brugge also has many local specialties like Flemish Beef Stew which is hearty and incredibly delicious.


Wandering the cobblestone streets, you will come across so many restaurants and shops selling drool-worthy confections and piping hot waffles and frites.


All best to be washed down with one of their local beers – like La Chouffe. But watch-out – beer here is strong!!


Brugge is pure travel magic and if you’re thinking about travelling there one day – follow me on twitter or Instagram (@immfab) for more Brugge pics and info.

M Fab VanCleef

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