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Ecksand Right Hand Rings

May 4, 2016

There’s a lot of hoopla around rings for the left hand. Wedding bands, engagement rings, promise rings… Let us not forget about the overworked, under-loved right hand!

Those five fingers are just as sparkle-worthy, so Canadian fine jewelry company, Ecksand, has released a beautiful collection of rings for that right hand of yours.

Think of it. You’re at work, typing away and this little bling machine catches your eye, spurring you to type faster just to see it sparkle away.


The Nude Double Band Diamond Cushion Ring is unique as one side has a square set of diamonds, the other a diamond shape – so it’s two looks in one. A diamond bargain!

If you like a bolder statement that takes up more finger real estate, the Tresses Ring or Tresses Diamond Ring should be just your thing.


The trend in stackable rings is going nowhere, and this Pomme De Pin White Gold Stackable would look great mixed in with other ‘happy birthday to me’ pieces.


Pearls are timeless and this Lucky Pearl & Diamond Yellow Gold Ring is a bolder, ‘Look at how gorgeous my right hand is’ type of ring.


And finally, if you are feeling like winning the ‘Aunt of The Year’ award, giving the gift of sparkle to someone other than your right hand (graduation is fast approaching!) this sweet Nude Star & Moon Diamond Ring is a perfect gift for that tween or graduate in your life.


These are just six of many stunning, Canadian-made, ethically sourced, fine jewelry pieces available. Go on, your right hand deserves it!

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