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Animal Inside Out

April 21, 2016

I love science. 

Finding out how a plant grows or how an animal moves, fascinates me. Yep, full on biology nerd ; ).  So, you can imagine my pure delight when Centre des Sciences invited me to the preview of Animal Inside Out.


Remember M & Mr. Fab’s visit to Body Worlds?  Welcome the brand new baby to the family: Animal Inside Out.

This exhibit will be featured in Montréal’s Centre des Sciences until September 11th, 2016.


Featuring mammals and amphibians, expect to learn new facts as well as be mesmerised by the intricacy of Mother Nature.

For my fellow animal lovers, rest assured that all of the creatures were donated to Animal Inside Out ethically. No animal was harmed for this exhibit.

To get back to the experience: I was blown away.


The set-up meets my trifecta: Well displayed, educational and inter-active.

Great for all ages. And, especially for anatomy nerds like myself. Study away, mes amis!

Animals_Inside_Out_Centre_des_Sciences_New_Exhibit_Preview (1)

I recommend going early, because you may want to visit Animal Inside Out more than once.

And after you’ve seen it let me know what you thought, because a conversational biology lover is good to find!

Mlle Fab Nerd


Looking forward to reading your comments!