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What’s In Our Beauty Cupboards

April 12, 2016

The Fab Fam is completely bonkers for beauty products. No matter the season, our bathroom cabinets are always bursting at the seams!

We love testing the latest trends. And this SS16 is no different. From gorgeous new hues to stunning technology and new-to-market grooming products, we had a ton to choose from!

Here are the FAB Fam’s top beauty picks for this spring!

M Fab

Caryl Baker Bloom Collection Blush


This season I am totally into a mix of soft and pretty colours. The Caryl Baker blush from her latest ‘Bloom Collection’ in Effervescence is pure pinky shimmery perfection. This colour is soft and sweet and will look pretty on everyone. You can see the rest of the collection highlights HERE.

Stila Aqua Glow Serum Concealer


Finding the perfect concealer is like searching for the Holy Grail. Everyone’s skin type impacts the wear of even the most talked-about concealer. But, I found the stila Aqua Glow Serum Concealer is pretty much as close to perfection as possible. Lightweight, great coverage, non-sticky, minimal creasing and coming in a great range of 8 shades.

Here’s the scoop on another top-selling concealer I LOVE.

Mr Fab

Rocky Mountain Body Lotion  

My skin is ridiculously ashy… Gross I know. And because I don’t want to smell like a woodsman or a fruit basket, finding a quality lotion that’s unscented is key.

The Rocky Moutain Soap company’s Body Lotion is my key to soft, hydrated skin. It’s not greasy, absorbs perfectly,  it’s 10o% all natural AND it’s made in Canada! It’s seriously my body’s best friend!

Tweezerman GEAR

tweezerman GEAR nail clippers

I’ve raved about these tweezeeman clippers before and I’ll continue to rave about them some more. Not only is the quality behind their brand exceptional, the new line called G.E.A.R. for men is all that and a bag of chips (minus the crumbs) because these clippers have a built in clipping catcher. No more flying fingernails!

Mlle Fab

Jouviance Perfection Lipstick

Bright & Sumptuous. Jouviance Perfection lipstick is developed by dermatologists to moisturise and plump fine lip lines. The bonus is the long wearing deeply pigmented shades. With 3 gorgeous hues to choose from, smooth on and kiss fading colour goodbye!

Guerlain’s Météorite


Whether you’re a fan of strobing or not, Guerlain’s Météorites base is my new fav product. Wear under make-up for a ‘glow from within’ look or be daring and wear alone for a natural ‘I Just Woke Up Like This’ shimmer. It’s light and gives the prettiest shine to every complexion!

From our FAB beauty cupboard, we wish you a SS16 of well groomed glowing skin and blushing cheeks

M, Mr & Mlle Fab Beauty Finds

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