Burrito Bowls at Quesada

April 7, 2016

Training for my upcoming half marathon has been a struggle. Not only is the daily running exhausting on my mind, the daily exercise has got me HUNGRY!

Like really really hungry.

But with all that time spent on my feet, the last thing I want to do when I get home is to stand in the kitchen chopping up food and cooking a meal.

Thank goodness for my new discovery, Quesada.

Started in 2004 in Toronto, Ontario, owner Steve Gill decided to quit his well-paying tech job in order to bring the joy of Mexico to Canada.

Recently opened in Calgary, Quesada now has 59 locations across the country.

And there is truly something ‘fresh‘ behind his concept.


Everything served at Quesada is prepared fresh everyday!

From their black & pinto beans which are slow cooked daily to the hand mashed guacamole, this is one heck of a fresh restaurant!

So what do I recommend to keep healthy and well-fed?

The Burrito Bowl!

Scrap the wrap and ditch the carbs, the Burrito Bowl is available in two sizes and costs the same as their 10″ & 12″ burrito.

It first starts with fresh shredded lettuce, then a heaping scoop of cilantro and lime-juice-cooked rice is added.

Next, choose your proteins (spicy chicken & steak are my first place choices), then it’s on to the salsas!

Stop the presses!

3 incredibly delicious ‘made from scratch’ salsas to choose from.

Mild, Medium, and – too hot for me – HOT.

Quesada slow roasts tomatillos and peppers every day to evoke the most flavour from ingredients, AKA make it mouth wateringly delicious.

Lastly it’s time to top off your Burrito Bowl with as much as fresh cut vegetables as you’d like.

Tomatoes, red onions, pickled onions, cilantro, corn and chopped jalapeños.

Top with shredded cheese and choice of sauces and your ready to eat!

Low fat, low cal, healthy and fresh… It’s become my perfect fitness accessory!

And because I’m so in love with these Burrito Bowls I’ve decided to give away a $25 gift card so a lucky reader can try Quesada on me!

As always, you’ll have 2 ways to enter:

Tweet the following:

I’ve got to try that Burrito Bowl from @QuesadaBurritos @immrfabulous!


-Leave me a comment below and tell me what’s a ‘must’ on your Burrito!

I personally can’t live without cilantro!

A winner will be chosen at random in 3 days.

Good luck

Mr. Fab urrito bowl


  1. Oh I love love love cilantro and fresh guacamole! Those are must haves on any burrito! Mmmmm – good!!

  2. I always get guacamole on my burritos and burrito bowls! Helps cool down all the hot sauce I also put on 😂

Looking forward to reading your comments!